Bringing home cuddly fur babies is a sweet thought, while taking care of them seems to be daunting at the same time. They may find new introductions intimidating; however, it is necessary for them to get used to the household and build confidence.

A young kitty’s life mainly revolves around exploring the human world, unfamiliar faces, and new places, making them more susceptible to accidents and injuries. Kitten insurance NZ will help your kitty in such distressing times. Purchase suitable kitten insurance so your furry pet is covered from growing to senior years.

This article has information on making your pet kitten more comfortable in her new home and helping her flourish despite the challenges of the new environment.

Three significant activities of your young kitten!

Primarily, your furry pet will be involved in sleeping, playing, and socializing in her early days. Help her adapt to the new environment by showing her much love and attention, so she learns good behaviour.

1.     Sleepy fur baby!

Kittens in their first few weeks sleep up to eighteen hours a day. The best you can do so she enjoys this activity is provide a cozy bed in a warm kitten corner away from worldly noises and distant from busy household areas. Make sure she has her favourite toys and a scratching post to engage herself in moderate play sessions.

To help your little pet get a good night’s sleep, make sure you play with her late in the evening, so she burns off pent up energy and wants nothing but sleep after that.

2.     Frisky kitty!

Kittens are curious; there is no denying that. They are playful and vibrant. However, sometimes you may even be confused if your furry baby is excited or showing signs of aggression. For example, your pet kitten may sneak in silently and stalk little toys, paper scraps, or other scattered objects. While this behaviour is harmless, make sure you train her so she doesn’t implement these tactics on you or anybody from the household.

Also, kids get excited looking at these munchkins moving around indoors. You must ensure that they gradually get to know each other to avoid ugly incidents. Your kids need to be taught that kittens are sensitive animals and, also, a kitten needs to know no biting and clawing kids at home. Kids must be taught how to pick up, hold, and carry her. A tiny human must never take a kitten by her neck or her legs.

3.     Social fluff!

Interactive playtime is essential. However, kids must be taught to play with their kitten on the floor to make her feel safer. Any difference in heights may make them and you appear like a giant to your tiny kitty. A frightened kitty is more prone to biting and scratching.

Providing her with much love, care, and affection is necessary, so she doesn’t develop behavioural issues further in life. Otherwise, you may have to deal with hissing, chasing, biting, clawing, and other undesired behaviours. Seek your vet’s help to know about regular medical care, vaccinations, and other feline care she will need. Kitten insurance in NZ will help you with the vet visit bills as well as other regular and one-off medical costs. 

Purchase kitten insurance so you don’t have to burden yourself with your fluffy pal’s health expenses.