A wise man knows how to build an antique and one-of-a-kind closet for himself with seasonless staples. We all are already near winters, and sometimes it becomes difficult to keep up the layering game while keeping yourself warm at the same time. If you are from low degree temperatures, you know what I am talking about. As you know, fashion evolves every now & then, and with specific clothing choices, it feels overwhelming to keep up with changing trends. 

Thankfully, few classic and basic closet staples can transform your winter wardrobe incredibly. It is not about investing your whole lot of money into expensive shirts or t-shirts to look polished. It takes only the right pair of basics and few statement pieces in your closet to look polished gentlemen. Keep reading further to know the style staple for your closet; in this article, we have shared a bonus point for your help as well. 

6 winter wardrobe staples 

Whether it’s your first date, family gathering or any occasion which requires you to look poised and gentlemen. Clothing plays a major role at this time. It is a universal fact that a man is judged by his appearance than his behaviour. You all must agree; even professional front also requires you to be more appropriate with your clothing during work hours. So now, without further ado, let’s directly jump to a most basic but classic piece of clothing you would not go wrong with. 

1. A nice black POLO T-shirt 

The first thing a man needs in his wardrobe is a nice well-defined polo t-shirt of black colour. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be matched with almost everything you own. Try to go with your same size to create a polished outfit with good pair of jeans or nude colour chinos.

2. White button-down shirt

A white button-down is a go-to clothing essential, worn onboard daylight and at night for any date or party. You can even team it up with a round neck sweater, chinos and boots to impress your date. Ministry of supply shirt review also suggests that ‘men look ten times more presentable with white shift than any other colour’. 

3. Brown formal boots

If you are planning to buy your own boots, you can read and browse the list of boots listed and posted at Stride Wise. Try to team it up with good pair of chinos and a sweater or coat to complete the effortless look. 

4. Good pair of sneakers 

You must have owned a good pair of sneakers in your lifetime, but there is no comparison of plain white sneakers to ace your look any day. Whether you want to go with a sporty look, casual look, or even a party with your guy’s white sneakers are going to be the major statement piece of any outfit. 

5. Blue Blazer  

When in doubt, go with a navy-blue blazer; you can never go wrong with it. It is a universal clothing staple that can turn your look into classier and more poised. Wear a t-shirt beneath it and finish the look with good pair of chinos or denim. 

  1. Statement suit 

Last but not least, statement suits are always hit in any situation. Whether you are going for a professional meeting or planning for your graduation or proposal day, a well-tailored body fitted suit with a good-looking tie is a must. Of course, a basic black suit can save your moment any day, but you can try experimenting according to your preference. 

  • Bonus point: 

Try to go with the dark and light colour scheme. For example, if you wear dark bottoms, go with a light shade of shirt or t-shirt or visa-versa. 


The world of fashion & new trends can be very intermediating if you are not fond of it. But all matters are a good pair of clothes and the confidence you hold while wearing them. These are few basic statement pieces you can have this winter to ace your game effortlessly. So, we recommend you consider these basic style staples, which can be very easy to team up and make you look presentable at the same time.