There are countless “miracle pill” supplements on the market, claiming to cure your health and body woes with one little capsule.

And while these supplements are almost always a scam, there is one supplement that has several benefits backed up by science: fish oil.

Fish oil is perhaps one of the most extensively researched supplements available. And this research has uncovered several reasons why this supplement comes close to being a real “miracle pill.”

Read on to learn more about fish oil supplements and the benefits of taking fish oil.

What Is Fish Oil Made From?

Before you add this supplement to your health routine, it helps to know what fish oil is.

As the name suggests, fish oil is sourced from fish. More specifically, it comes from the fats and oils found in fish tissue. Fish oil usually comes from fish that are known to have plenty of these oils, such as tuna, anchovies, and herring.

You may imagine that taking a fatty, oily supplement will only add more unhealthy fat to your diet.

But the fats found in fish oil, omega-3 fats, are healthy.

Omega-3 fatty acids are a key part of cell membranes throughout the body. They support healthy functioning and provide energy to keep your system working optimally.

Fish oil is an excellent source of these essential fats. Around 30% of fish oil is made of omega-3s, while the other 70% consists of other fats.

Fish oil also typically contains vitamin A and vitamin D.

Benefits of Taking Fish Oil

Fish oil is a good source of healthy fats and vitamins. Because of this, there are several health benefits of taking fish oil.

Fish oil benefits are continuously being revisited in scientific research. But based on current research, these are just some of the possible benefits fish oil can offer.

1. Lowers Inflammation

Chronic inflammation in the body can cause irritation and sickness in the body. This can even lead to heart disease, tissue damage, diabetes, and cancer.

Fish oil can help to lower inflammation. This is because the EPA and DHA forms of omega-3 fats found in fish oil are known to be anti-inflammatory.

By taking fish oil, then, you may be able to treat or prevent chronic inflammation and the many conditions related to high inflammation.

2. Protects Your Heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. But taking fish oil supplements may have big benefits for your heart health.

Some research shows that fish-based omega-3 supplements can help prevent heart attack and stroke.

This is likely because fish oil and omega-3s help to lower many of the major risks of cardiovascular disease.

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Fish oil can help to increase levels of healthy cholesterol in the body, lower high blood pressure, improve plaque in the arteries, and lower triglycerides in the blood.

For those looking for an easy solution for heart health, fish oil supplements may be one of the best options available.

3. Improves Mental Health

Fish oil can offer several benefits for mood and mental wellbeing.

While it may not be enough to replace antidepressants, fish oil may help those with depression and other mood disorders.

It might even be able to improve symptoms related to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Omega-3s are vital in the brain, but some people with depression and other mood disorders may be deficient in omega-3s. Supplementing with fish oil is one natural way to improve overall mental health.

4. May Help You Lose Weight

If you’re one of the millions hoping to lose a few pounds, fish oil may help.

Fish oil can help keep you fit by promoting muscle mass and giving the body energy during exercise. This can help you stay committed to those tough workouts.

But fish oil can help you lose weight in other ways too. The omega-3s in fish oil can help to control and suppress appetite.

To stick to your diet and exercise routine, try adding a fish oil supplement to your weight loss regimen.

5. Supports a Healthy Brain

You already know that fish oil can improve mood and mental health. But it can help support a healthy brain in other ways too.

If you’re hoping to keep your brain sharp as you age, fish oil may help.

Fish in general can help prevent dementia. And fish oil may be able to do the same. Even in older adults without dementia, fish oil can help with memory and general cognitive functioning.

The omega-3 fats in fish oil can also support a healthy brain for growing babies too. This can begin in utero when the mother’s diet can greatly influence the baby’s health later on.

By consuming omega-3s while pregnant, a mother can potentially increase her child’s intelligence level, communication skills, and social skills. And receiving enough omega-3 fats in the womb may also help lower the risk of ADHD, autism, behavioral issues, and cerebral palsy.

Pregnant women considering taking fish oil supplements should first consult with their doctor.

6. Improves Eyesight

Fish oil may help improve eye health and eyesight.

Like the brain and many other parts of the body, the eyes need omega-3 fatty acids to function. Because fish oil is rich in these fats, it’s a great option for slowing the aging of the eyes.

This can help to protect eyesight throughout adulthood, as eyesight typically declines.

Fish oil may also help improve dry eye due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in omega-3s.

And while the research is mixed, there is some evidence suggesting that fish oil can reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration. This can lead to a partial loss of eyesight in older adults.

7. Improves Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Omega-3s can help improve symptoms of many autoimmune diseases. One of these is rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks itself. This affects the joints, in particular, causing arthritis pain and swelling.

Fish oil’s healthy fats can reduce inflammation, helping to improve pain and discomfort. Fish oil supplements can also relieve joint stiffness commonly associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Can I Just Eat Fish?

Many of the benefits of taking fish oil aren’t necessarily unique to fish oil supplements. They can be found in the fatty fish that fish oil is derived from, too.

You may wonder, then, if it’s really necessary to take fish oil supplements.

Can’t you just eat fish? Are there any real benefits of taking a supplement each day?

While fatty fish can be a healthy part of your diet, fish oil supplements ensure you’re getting enough of these healthy properties each day.

Most Americans don’t get enough omega-3s in their diet. The average American only gets about 1/3 of the recommended amount of EPA and DHA (two types of omega-3 fats) from food.

A fish oil supplement like the ones available on can help you ensure you’re getting enough omega-3s each day. Then, you don’t have to carefully plan and measure your food sources day after day.

How to Take Fish Oil

To reap all the benefits that fish oil offers, take a supplement daily.

Fish oil can take time to have an impact on the body, so it’s important to take it consistently.

You can take fish oil supplements at any time, though they should be taken with food.

To help build a routine, you may want to take your supplement with the same meal each day. For example, if you take fish oil with lunch, be sure to take it every day with lunch to avoid accidentally missing a dose.

Follow the dosing directions on the packaging of your fish oil supplement. If you experience any stomach or digestive issues after taking fish oil, you can try splitting up the dosage into two smaller doses, to be taken at two different times in the day.

If you have any concerns about fish oil, talk to your doctor. Fish oil is safe and beneficial for a variety of people, though your doctor can confirm you don’t have any conditions or health issues that are incompatible with your supplement.

Taking Fish Oil for a Healthy Lifestyle

The benefits of taking fish oil are nearly endless. Fish oil, and the omega-3 fatty acids inside fish oil, can support a healthy body from head to toe.

From brain and mental health benefits to protecting the heart, the effects of fish oil are practically life-changing.

Try adding fish oil to your routine to support a healthy lifestyle, both today and well into the future.

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