Their car isn’t just a means of transport; it is a mini home on the move. For this reason, you need some essential items in the car for convenience and to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Car geeks often carry all sorts of equipment and tools in their cars. And this is not because their cars break down more frequently. No, they understand the importance of such devices. You might find someone stranded on the road and be beneficial simply because you had something extra like a spare tire.

Equipping your car with certain items is essential, particularly for those who love road trips or if you travel a lot. Of course, you’ll need things that a city driver may not find helpful in such a case. Here is what your car should never miss:

Roof Rack

So, you plan a family road trip and your family car is too small? That’s the situation most parents find themselves in when planning vacations. How do you fit everything into your family car? It is simple; get the car roof rack to help you carry additional luggage.

A roof rack enables you to increase your car’s carrying capacity without changing the vehicle. You don’t have to worry about leaving anything or anyone behind! The shelves are also modular, lightweight, and vital to ensure that they can carry heavy loads without significantly adding weight to the car.

Maybe you bought your car a few years back, and despite still being in good condition, the family has expanded, and now, it’s just too small for everyone. But that’s not a problem; all you need is a place to throw in the extra luggage and leave the inside of the car empty to carry more people.

Jumper Cables/ jump-starter kit 

You are on the beach with your loved one, enjoying the sun rays penetrate your skin and soothing music accompanies you from the car’s audio. The experience carries you away, and soon, it’s evening. The golden rays of the sun forming cascades of rainbow across the sky remind you it’s time to go home. You go to the car, turn on the ignition, and the car won’t start. Your battery is dead!

If you don’t have jumper cables, you are in for a long evening. A simple tool that’s often neglected is the jumper cable or the jump-starter kit, and you’ll only appreciate their importance when your battery dies in the middle of nowhere with only a few cars occasionally stopping to help. And like you, they also have none.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Most cars don’t come with a spare tire anymore. Quite annoying if you are old-school and used to one. You need to check your tires more frequently to avoid having a flat tire on the road away from help. A tire pressure gauge will help you do the job efficiently.

Ensuring that your tires have the recommended amount of pressure also improves road safety, fuel economy, and tire durability. So always check all your tires to ensure that they all have the correct pressure.

Duct Tape

Car owners love duct tape because it can help fix many things, at least temporarily, until you get a permanent fix. Older cars are prone to leakages that duct tape can easily cover until you get help.

Whether it’s a broken door handle or a leaking water pipe, a quick duct-tape fix can get the car home safely. But you don’t want to be driving your vehicle around duct-taped. This is just a temporary fix. Ensure that you get the car fixed once you reach a safe place.

Tactical Flashlight

If you have tried to replace a tire on a dark road on a rainy night, you certainly understand how complicated a process can be. You can’t see the nuts or bolts, so you can’t even place your lug wrench on the nuts. But what if you had a practical flashlight?

It’s advisable always to carry a torch in your car if you travel a lot at night. Some vehicles come with a slight touch in the glove compartment, but it’s often of little use because it doesn’t produce much light. Like the one you see with the police, a tactical flashlight is brighter and more functional.

A USB Charger

Adventure travelers always find themselves in unfamiliar places. This can be fun and it’s what makes the adventure worth it. But it’s not fun if your phone goes off just when you want to take that memorable photo.

To avoid your phone ever going off on you, always have a USB charger in your car. It’s advisable to get a fast-charging USB charger plugged into the cigarette lighter socket.

Hi-Lift Jack

Forget the small jack that comes with your small car. It won’t be of much help if you are stuck in some muddy, uneven terrain. If you drive a 4X4, you’ll need a hi-lift jack that can work efficiently offroad.

A hi-lift jack has a slim shape that allows it to fit into small spaces so you can use it on a range of cars.


Traveling is fun, but you can make it better by preparing well. With these 7 essential pieces of equipment in your car, you can count on having a memorable experience.