As you begin taking your makeup skills to the next level, do not be surprised by the wide range of makeup brushes to choose from. Whether you like being very specific about the brushes you use for each part of your face or if you only want a few simple makeup brushes for your kit, this article will be useful next time when purchasing your makeup brushes.

Foundation brush

Foundation brushes are usually dense and can be pinched flat or in full, round, and dome-shaped. Although some people prefer synthetic bristles or even natural bristles (naturally porous) for their powder or liquid foundation makeup. But it is recommended to use synthetic bristles because it is less harsh on the skin when makeup is being applied and it’s easier to clean.

Powder brush

For setting powders, you will need a powder brush. Depending on the area you want to cover, this brush can range in size from small to large and are usually made with long, dense, and fluffy bristles. The fluffy and long bristles are easily coated with a fine layer of loose/setting powder and can apply a thin and even layer to your face so it can easily set your liquid/cream foundation or blend foundation.

Pencil brush

A pencil brush can do a lot of wonders. Pencil brushes can be used to apply eyeliner, push eyeshadow directly into the lash line, help you blend precisely under the lashes, smudge some eyeshadow on your eyelids to create a smokey eye, etc.

Mascara wand

Also called a “spoolie brush”, The mascara wand’s tips have 360-degree synthetic bristles and often have a bendable head so you can mold them according to your eye shape or however you want. You can use mascara wands for applying mascara, combing or shaping your brows, and you can use this brush if you want to put on serums or tame flyaways on your eyelashes or eyebrows.

Angled eyeshadow brush

The angled shape of this eyeshadow brush follows the contour of your brow bone when applying shadow in the eye creases making it easier and more even when applying and blending shadow. These angled eyeshadow brushes are a bit more fluffy than the angled eyeliner brushes, which are very thin and flat, but they have a similar angled profile with firm bristles that are shorter on one end and gradually longer and fuller on the other.

Fan brush

The bristles on this brush are fanned out and flattened, giving it a very unique profile that is very different from other bristles. There are different sizes of this kind of brush, you can use the bristles of a large or medium fan brush to brush away excess setting/loose powder, or apply a light highlight to your cheekbones. If you’re using a smaller brush, you can even use it to apply mascara for a cleaner look.

Blending sponge

While it is not really a brush, it does the job of some brushes quite well. A blending sponge helps blend out a heavy, full-coverage foundation, concealer or cream blush for a more natural and even finish. And unlike some big brushes, the shape of a blending sponge also helps cover the small creases and hard to reach areas of your face.