Do you own a large commercial centre or an office with numerous workers? Maintaining it is the least you can do. Apart from counting the profits and keeping up with employee’s management, you also have to take care of the cleaning, sanitation and precise presentation of this place. Providing the proper seating and working space to the employees, keeping your customers comfortable, and ensuring a pleasant ambience in the office — everything stays vital in creating a perfect office space. It even includes keeping the floor and carpet spic and span. It is an essential part of the place that does impact a lot of things around.

Ø  Solid reasons to keep your office carpet clean and germ-free!

Your workplace remains a home for you and your workers for half of the day (if not more). Then you even have your clients and customers pouring during most of the day. If you keep a check on the proper care (and cleanliness) of your carpets, you benefit a lot. And if you want to know why getting the best carpet cleaner products from Steamaster, the site which has all kinds of carpet cleaning solutions and machines, is crucial for your workplace, then keep reading.

1.   It prolongs the life of your carpet – Your investments in the carpet need to be secured. We all know that having flooring for such a vast space requires lots of money. So, if you want to keep it lasting long and in excellent condition, then cleaning it is necessary. Otherwise, the dust mites and mould make a home in it. Naturally, your carpets wear down sooner.

2.  Protect indoor air quality – Let us not forget that your indoor air quality plays an essential role in the well-being of your employees and customers. If the dust and pollen settle on the carpet surface, or there is mould formation, the same germs circulate in the indoor air contaminating it severely. However, if you keep the carpet clean, even the indoor air stays healthy and pure.

3.  Removes spills and stains – There can be daily spills, dirt and stains occurring on your office carpet. If you aren’t cleaning it regularly, it will look worn out and untidy before time. A daily thorough cleaning session to keep your carpets looking neat, tidy and spotless boosts mood and creates a good impression. 

4.  Prevents building up of allergens –If your workers and customers walk over the carpet with the shoes on or the cleaning doesn’t happen daily, the soiled surface becomes the resthouse of allergens and bacteria. Expect a lot of infections (and consequent leave applications from your workers) if this happens.

5.  Enhances the appearance of the office –Even the appearance of your office and commercial centre improves when you keep the carpet clean. Since the vital part of the room — that is, the floor — stays gleaming and tidy, the whole place looks cleaner and neater.

6.  Makes the room fresh and pleasantly smelling — You don’t have to invest in air fresheners to improve the smell of your commercial place if you are cleaning the carpets regularly. Firstly, there would be no mould or dirt on it that can give out the nasty smell in the space. Secondly, the cleaning agents already have some amount of fragrance in them that automatically does the work.

7.  Improves worker morale – Most of you will agree that untidy and unmaintained surroundings impact your mood and productivity as well. So, if you keep the carpet clean, it enhances the tidiness of the entire commercial centre. Naturally, worker morale or productivity also increases.

Aren’t these reasons enough to convince you to keep track of the daily cleaning of the carpet? Remember, your commercial space is active and giving you profits. Moreover, your employees are at work, and your customers visit you often. If the interiors are dirty and stained, you will lose both of them.