vinyl plank flooring in columbus

Vinyl plank flooring has the highest sale today. No doubt, in the United states, it is the most common flooring. People use these floors in both homes and offices. Also, the vinyl floor strongly mimics the hardwood. Undoubtedly it translates the natural tone. 

But, have you ever wondered if that is a suitable option for you. Well, there are some interesting facts about it. So, before buying, have a look at these facts. 

1- Vinyl plank flooring is perfect for all homes

Vinyl flooring in Columbus is an attractive option since it comes in a variety of colours to match your aesthetic. It’s also functional. It can handle heavy traffic while remaining warm and quiet within your house. However, most notably, vinyl flooring is popular in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms because it is 100% waterproof and spills. Moreover, it can also handle pets and kids’ messes. 

2- A highly affordable flooring option 

Pricing varies with the size of the area to be placed. However, it also depends on the design and style. No doubt, floor complexities are also vital. Many individuals prefer to do it themselves, which is acceptable for simple rooms; however, because of how quickly a professional can complete a project and address it, it’s better to hire someone. It is entirely up to you. But the prices will differ depending on the flooring design and materials used. It’s up to you if you want french oak floors or vinyl plank flooring, and your budget will undoubtedly impact the decision. Either you want the floor to be simple or want to spend some extra money. In the end, it’s totally up to you.

3- These floors are easy to care for and clean. 

When it comes to laying vinyl, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that it looks fantastic for years to come. First, before putting a vinyl floor, a plywood layer is essential because concrete or current flooring can damage the quality of the vinyl.

According to research, you should wait at least three days. Along with the following installation to clean your vinyl floor for the first time, you can get experts advice on this. Moreover, you can also take help from the installer. 

Vinyl is easy to maintain. However, still, some care and concern options are there. So be careful in dealing with such floors. Most often, it is to maintain the look. Also, it is similar in the case of wood and tiles. Of course, you always have to do something for cleaning. However, for daily cleaning, use a mop or a damp cloth.

4- Professional cleaning is available. 

Electro dry is one of the best options. To clean vinyl plank flooring, use this option. Well, this is mainly for professional cleaning. This technique helps deal with tough stains. Moreover, you can also remove hard scuffs and stains with it. Also, it is mainly to refinish the floors. Anyhow, this is like a water-based coating. It maintains the shine. Keep in mind; this is necessary because the floor gets dull with time. 

5- Easy to Install

These floors are easy to install. As compared to other floorings, it is famous. Just because of the easy installation mechanisms, people are buying this floor readily. For instance, vinyl planks are installed via adhesives. Moreover, you can follow the tongue and groove method. All processes are easy.

Furthermore, peel and stick options are also available. Also, you can place the plank on the already existing subfloor. Well, you can easily install it on concrete wood or plywood. However, make sure that already existing flooring layers are not more than 2.

6- Highly durable 

Keep in mind; vinyl plank flooring is a highly durable option. These floors are waterproof. Along with good water resistance, they are also soundproof. Indeed they work well in busy areas. 

Nowadays, people buy these floors due to the wood-like look. Also, they are accessible at minimum cost. So you can easily opt for it. They are a fantastic choice for basements. Areas like mudrooms, bathrooms and kitchens look aesthetically beautiful.

Moreover, it is available in a wide variety. Also, you can get it in different textures. Indeed you can buy this flooring in both online and in-person vinyl plank flooring stores.

7- Colours and patterns 

By now, you can get vinyl plank flooring in any colour and design. Indeed all colours work well. But, due to advancement in technology, you can get the one that matches the decor. However, you can also add various prints. Depending on your choice and needs, buy the one that fits the idea. Don’t buy the floor in a hassle. Instead, buy it with a peaceful mind so that you can relish it for a long time. Undoubtedly, Columbus flooring city has an aiming variety for vinyl plank floors. 


Keep in mind; no item is all about rainbows and sunshine. Along with the merits, everything has certain demerits as well. No doubt, vinyl flooring is highly durable. But still, it cannot deal with heavy furniture. If they encounter some sharp objects, they will immediately get effects. Therefore, make sure you have bought the right floor. If you have a busy household make sure you have a proper cleaning strategy. Also, vinyl is not biodegradable. However, all the chemicals they have are also not easy to get material. 

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