Over the years, technological advancements have led to the evolution of washing machines from basic utility apparatuses to appliances meant for convenient living. No wonder, they have now become almost a necessity in every household. 

Based on their designs, these home utility appliances are available in two types – top loading and front loading washing machines. While the first variant comes with a lid on top for laundry, the latter comes with a front lid.

Both these variants are also sub-categorised as semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines.

Due to the various features and specifications, choosing a suitable washing machine can often turn out to be challenging. Hence, one must weigh in each option carefully before making a purchase decision.

Top 7 differences between top loading and front loading washing machines

Here are the following factors that one must consider before buying a top load or front load washing machine:

  1. Capacity

Unlike top loading washing machines, their front load variants do not consist of agitators in their centres. Hence, the latter has significantly higher capacity than the former, which enables users to save a lot of time as they are not required to run the laundry for several rounds.

  1. Detergent and water usage

The front load variants consist of a drum placed horizontally, which turns the laundry back into the water as it rotates. Hence, a front loading washing machine requires a significantly lower amount of detergent and water when compared with a top loading washing machine.

  1. Convenience

When it comes to convenience, the front load variant has the edge over its top load counterpart as it offers the ease of use and does not require users to undergo unnecessary hassles. 

However, the handling of a front load variant can undoubtedly be a bothersome experience, especially for users with complaints of back pain as it would require bending down for laundry loading.

  1. Longevity of clothes

The top load variants consist of agitators or pulsators that spread out the detergent water evenly to cover all the clothes. These components can, however, be harsh on the clothes’ fabric due to an excessive pressure exerted, and damage it in the long run.

Contrary to the top load variant, if you choose the best washing machine brand then its much gentler on the laundry. Hence, a longer lifespan of clothes can be expected when using this variant. 

  1. Last-minute additions

If you use a top loading washing machine, adding more laundry after the wash cycle has already started is a feature to look forward to.

However, the same is not possible in case of front load variants as users are not able to add more clothes once the lid is shut and the cycle has begun. It thus marks a significant drawback of front loading washing machines. Nevertheless, their utility for basic laundry remains suitable.

  1. Energy consumption

The front loading variants of these appliances offer significantly higher energy efficiency when compared to their top load counterparts. A front loading washing machine thus comes with a longer wash cycle and operates at a reduced speed. Further, it functions efficiently and removes the detergent water from all the clothes.

  1. Price

Generally, the prices of front load washing machines range between Rs.25,000 and Rs.50,000. However, the prices of the top load variants are significantly lower than the front load washing machines and usually cost anywhere between Rs.10,000 and Rs.30,000. 

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