Is keeping a secure home at the top of your priorities? Whether you live alone, with a partner, or with children, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is of paramount importance.

If you have a door that has issues with locking or unlocking, it’s a red flag. There are around 2.5 million burglaries every year in the United States, and the last thing you want to be is added to that number.

If you’re wondering what the signs are that you might need a lock replacement, you’re in the right place. Keep reading as we open the door to lock issues!

1. You’ve Just Moved In

This may seem like something that you might only do if you are suspicious about previous owners, but that’s not the case at all. It’s good practice to replace the locks on the doors if you’ve just moved into a new home.

Even if it’s just for peace of mind and the knowledge that there’s no way anyone else can have a key for your home, it’s certainly a worthwhile thing to do.

2. You’ve Lost Your Keys

An obvious solution, but an effective one nonetheless. If you’ve lost your keys, it’s best not to take the risk of a less-than-virtuous person coming across them nearby your home.

Locksmith services are usually quick to act because they understand the urgency of an unsecured home.

3. The Locks Are Old

If you’ve lived in the same home for a long time, it’s probably worthwhile getting a new lock on your door, even if you feel like it works well. You won’t notice small changes or deteriorations in your lock function if you use it every day, but the reality is that it might be less secure than when it was new.

4. The Lock Is Stiff Or Clunky

Wear and tear is completely normal and expected for locks. Most of us use locks several times a day, and with them being a relatively complex mechanism, time can take its toll.

There’s a saying that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Sadly, a broken lock is never right!

5. You Want To Upgrade

Lock technology is constantly improving. With more and more people getting “smart” homes, there are options for having locks that keep up with the hi-tech theme.

Smart locks are an impressive security measure that will allow you to lock and unlock your door without the need for a physical key.

6. You Don’t Trust Your Locks

As soon as the thought enters your mind that your locks might not be secure, it’s hard to shake it. Maybe the lock feels loose or doesn’t work as efficiently as it used to. A residential locksmith will put your mind at ease by installing fresh new locks.

7. You’ve Lost Track Of Who Has Keys

If you’re a landlord, or you’ve had several roommates in recent years, it could be quite easy to forget who has keys.

The easiest thing to do in this situation is to replace the locks, rather than go through your address book and ask everyone if they have a key!

Lock Replacement Brings Peace Of Mind

Whether your locks are old or damaged, or you’ve heard about burglaries in your area, a lock replacement can help you to feel instantly more secure in your home.

Locksmiths are skilled at both remedying and replacing faulty locks.

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