Healthy relationships do not come about magically; rather, they are nurtured and grown into. The idea that marriage is perfect is all relative. What is perfect for you may be mediocre for someone else. However, there are tried and proven methods of sustaining a healthier marriage in the long run. Most of these suggestions are easy to pull off regardless of personality traits or contention between partners.

Making Merry Daily

No marriage boasts smiles and happy-go-lucky activities daily. Some marriages experience some semblance of normalcy when visitors are present. This also happens because something or someone new is introduced. Whether you seek single Slavic ladies or other exotic beauties and hunks for local dates, remember a marriage takes more than flowers or wining and dining.

Here are a few select tips on handling your marriage better and sustaining longer relationships.

1. Flirty and Playful

When the relationship began it was fun times and naughty texting. Things have calmed down and you’ve moved in together. Things get boring or mediocre quickly when couples live together. This is normal and should be changed for the better, not worse. The idea is to flirt occasionally, reminding her or him that you still find them attractive.

2. Fun Dinners

Have fun dinners at home or away, doesn’t matter. It is the idea that counts. As you began dating single Slavic ladies you visited the best restaurants with couture meals. Try exotic recipes at home with your hubby, or visit new restaurants sporadically. It doesn’t have to involve expensive eateries. Simply get out occasionally and act single again.

3. Sex Life

It cannot be overemphasized how important intimacy is for both parties. Men and women both need to feel loved through intimacy and sex are important. When sex is missing lots of thoughts run through your spouse’s head. These thoughts are rarely good meaning sex is crucial.

4. Help them Help You

Handle their needs often and they are likely to reciprocate. It means trying to ensure they are happy, in and out of the marriage.  If it involves work chip in ideas you think might make her more comfortable at work. Either way, looking out for your mate works wonders and sustains respect and love within the union.

5. Value Good Times

When things go downhill always remember the good old days when you began dating. Many forget where they have been and instead focus on the dark times they are undergoing. Keep things positive always and remembering how perfect things were can make them better again.

6. Spontaneity

Be as spontaneous as possible with your partner and focus on interesting ideas, perhaps those they find interesting. Occasionally, one partner is more random than the other. Make things as impromptu as possible to spice things anew. Go hiking; eat out, go bungee jumping or kayaking; whatever rocks your boat.

7. Respect

This is earned and some couples forget that even during the early days of courtship, it was worked for.  Moving forward, the same ideals need to apply. Respect between couples is important to keep the fire burning. This includes respecting privacy as well, and those moments one needs to be alone.

Bottom Line

Marriage is an institution requiring some heavy-duty work; sometimes overtime labor with no pay. The rewards are worth the work. Most couples will tell you they won’t give up their marriage for anything. These sentiments are usually from the mouths of couples who’ve been through the wringer and come out stronger. So practice the above-mentioned habits after marrying those single Slavic ladies and perhaps the marriage will experience longevity.