How to optimize texts using Yoast:

Offering optimized texts is one of the content marketing requirements for a successful business.

Yoast is one of the best tools for those who have a website in WordPress, as it allows the proper configuration of contents.

Paying attention to the configuration of texts is important for ranking.

If they don’t meet key readability criteria, your site will not rank well.

Because the user will not have a satisfactory experience.

SEO optimized texts:

With the advent of the internet, people have changed their consumption habits, their preferences and tastes, and also the way they shop.

Merchants have changed the way they offer their products.

Before, sales were made directly, with a focus on the product. Currently, the focus is on the consumer.

You need to identify your pain and show how your product can help you face and even overcome the problem.

For this, one of the most effective strategies is content marketing, which is, using relevant and original texts to bring information.

However, creating and posting is not enough. It is necessary to optimize texts and thus provide a pleasant experience for the reader.

Want to know how to get this done? Carefully read the information below to put all the tips into practice.

Optimize texts using Yoast: learn now how:

1) Have a WordPress website and install the Yoast plugin:

Optimizing texts is a strategy that can be done on websites built on the most diverse platforms.

However, there is no denying that the Yoast plugin works best on WordPress sites.

So, to make your job easier, give preference to this website creation platform.

Install the Yoast plugin. It is essential for anyone who is going to learn how to optimize texts.

You can read our guide to install and setup Yoast Plugin.

You may have heard that the excess of plugins interferes with your website’s performance, making it slow.

So, learn to select those that will really help you to achieve positive results for your business.

So, give preference to the Yoast plugin, as it will be very useful for configuring the posted content.

Thus, you will be able to provide the user of your website with a satisfying experience and with surprising results.

2) Value the user experience:

Remember we talked at the beginning of the text about the new way to sell products and services? Now what matters most is the consumer.

Optimizing text so that it has access to easy-to-read information and thus absorbs the content is the key to an enjoyable experience.

In other words, everything must be customer-focused. Why is that so important?

The more time he spends consuming your site’s content, the more likely he is to make purchases.

In addition, Google will understand that your site’s information is relevant and will rank your site, resulting in a better placement.

The better positioned he is, the more visits he will receive and the greater his chances of selling.

Research has shown that, when internet users perform a search, they choose the sites that rank among the top 10 places.

That’s why occupying the first page is so important and text optimization is essential to achieve better positions.

3) Use the proper keywords:

Keywords are the shortest way for users to find your site in search engines, Google is the main one.

The internet is the reference point for research on a wide range of subjects. For this, keywords are used.

See the following example: Maria has a website for selling orthopedic shoes of various models, brands, and sizes in the city of New York, in the USA.

In order for her site to be found, she needs to choose the main keyword and other secondary keywords.

In addition, it is necessary to define whether they will be short-tailed, that is, keywords that are more popular and therefore more difficult to rank.

Or if they will be long-tailed. They are very specific, much less popular, and easily ranked on Google.

It is also possible to opt for medium tail keywords, they are intermediaries of the two types mentioned above.

See below for some examples:

Short tail: shoes, a high number of searches, but quite widespread.

Average: orthopedic shoes, search volume above 4,000.

Long: women’s orthopedic shoes, with 2000 times search volume.

Long tail: male orthopedic shoes, low demand, searches do not exceed the daily volume of 500 times.

Long: orthopedic shoes for work, children’s orthopedic shoes, women’s orthopedic shoe store, orthopedic shoe stores in New York, custom-made orthopedic shoes for men, among other examples.

You must use keywords that are appropriate for your industry.

 The examples above are for you to get a sense of how to work.

Top Keyword Tools:

But how do you find out which ones are most suitable? The search volumes of each one of them and which types to use?

You can purchase tools to help you design your content plan, including choosing the best keywords.

Start by testing the free version and later opt for the paid version only the one that you identify best with.

See some options:

Google Keyword Planner: Free, helps you discover related keywords.

Google Trends: Free, ideal for comparing search terms and finding out which regions the search is best for.

Keyword Tool: free and paid, the results of the free version are excellent, but can be enhanced by opting for the paid version.

Ubersuggest: free and paid. The free version is quite useful but limited to a certain number of daily searches.

Pay attention to the Yoast settings in each post:

One of the great advantages of Yoast is that it clearly shows which criteria need to be improved.

Therefore, whenever you post content, pay attention to the information shown in the plugin.

Main legibility criteria:

Readability: Measures how easy your text is to read. The higher the score presented, the better.

Passive voice: the maximum limit of passive voice in the text is 10% total amount.

Consecutive sentences: more than 2 sentences starting with the same word interfere in the optimization of your text.

Subtitle distribution: this is a very important criterion, as it divides the text into parts, making it easier to read. The ideal is a maximum of 300 words in each subtitle.

Paragraph size: when they are large, it is difficult to read. Ideally, they should be about 20 words and a maximum of 150 characters.

Sentence length: this is another issue that influences text reading, especially when the reader uses a smartphone or tablet, whose screens are smaller than those of a computer or notebook.

Transition words: they help the reading to flow more easily, in addition to linking one sentence to another.

The great advantage of the Yoast plugin is that it shows all criteria with headlights that vary between red, orange, and green.

The red color means it’s bad and needs improvement, the orange means it’s good, but there’s still something that can be done.

While green shows that users will find quality content that is easy to read.

To facilitate the work when optimizing texts, Yoast provides a kind of magnifying glass in the shape of an eye.

As soon as you identify the color of the headlights and notice that something is still not set up correctly, just click on the magnifying glass.

It will turn pink and the text will be underlined in the same color, making it easy to identify the part that needs to be changed.

5) Pay attention to responsiveness:

Having a responsive website is to ensures that users from different platforms can easily read the texts.

That’s why building texts that meet the legibility criteria is so important.

When paragraphs are large, reading for smartphone users is much more difficult as paragraphs become huge blocks of information.

What contributed to the user leaving your site and accessing the competition’s space?

When optimizing texts, always keep in mind that the better the user experience, the longer he will stay on your site, increasing the purchase possibilities.

In addition, sites liked by visitors are ranked better by Google.

6) Use backlinks in your text:

One of the ways to optimize texts to get better placement in search engines is to insert quality links.

Many website owners are discouraged by this strategy, as they believe it will cause visitors to leave quickly.

However, even if that happens, if the content is good, users will come back to find out.

In addition, Google will rank your site recognizing you for the quality of content.

You can use two types of links to optimize text. They are classified as following and no follow links.

The difference between the two types is that the first is an invitation for Google to visit the indicated page as well.

Which can result in greater gaining of authority for her.

The second type of backlink is an invitation for the user to access the link, not Google.

Therefore, contributing to the linked site gaining more authority is not within the objectives of communication planning.

In addition, you need to insert quality links that are in accordance with what you want to achieve.

If your goal is to get better placement, it’s important to choose links with keywords identical to those being used in your text.

But if you want to increase traffic to your site, you can use variations of your main keywords.

Keep in mind that the backlink strategy is serious and must be done in a professional manner.

Simply stuffing your text with links will not contribute to its ranking. On the contrary, your website can be penalized.

In addition, you need to master the techniques to optimize texts and provide quality content so that people want to backlink with you.

7) Keep the plugin up to date:

Yoast SEO is one of the great contributors for anyone working with digital marketing.

It helps to configure the site according to the requirements of Google and other search engines.

Yoast plugin is very popular, so it is used by many digital entrepreneurs.

Especially for those who search the internet for a way to grow their business.

Its free version features tools that help the site owner to optimize texts and other settings for a good ranking.

Remember that investing in a website creation strategy is not enough to make your business successful.

Competition grows fiercely, as every day new sites go live operating in the most different segments.

Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of changes in the algorithms that guide search engine responses.

Update the Yoast plugin. This is critical and can be done simply. 

The big advantage is that the available updates appear on the website panel developed in WordPress.

If you have questions about the procedure, when you notice the Yoast plugin update message, please contact your site creator.

This action is essential for you to take full advantage of all the features that qualify the text and improve your site’s positioning.

Furthermore, the Yoast plugin has the great advantage of interfering with page loading.

On the contrary, its presence is able to optimize your website making your page load even better.


Optimizing text is one of the best ways to get a great position on the first page of Google.

The Yoast plugin plays a fundamental role in this stage, as it clearly shows what must be done so that the texts reach the high standards of Google and other internet search engines.

Certainly, the tips presented in this text will be helpful for you to understand the importance of following the correct standards of quality text.

Keep in mind that user experience should be the first concern.

Therefore, everything must be done in a way to satisfy you.

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