7 Top Tips on Growing Your Instagram Page

If you are looking to grow your Instagram page and increase engagement, be sure to read on as the below are tried and tested ways in which you can reach your goal. 

1. Be Selective On Pages You Shout Out With

Ensure the page you approach for a shout out is in line with content on your page. If you majorly post about food, it is only fair to your followers to shout out a page that has delicious meals. Recommend good pages and places to your followers as this shows you care about them. You may lose followers if you shout out a page that goes against the values of your followers. Download Instagram likes app to build your following

2. Don’t Reach Out To Bigger Pages

Most pages with hundreds of thousands of followers don’t like doing shout outs with smaller pages. This is because they are less likely to gain followers from the shout out hence feels like a complete waste of their time. If a page has one hundred thousand followers, there is no way they will do a shout out with a page that has a handful of followers as they may even lose followers. Not all large pages will decline the partnership but those that do, will ask for a ridiculous amount of money per hour just for a shout out. These pages generate revenue from ads and posting shout outs for the small pages.

3. Shout Outs

Shout outs attract more followers once you get mentioned on Instagram. Simply put, a shout out is the act of posting content from another page with a caption and mentioning them. Start off by liking pages who are in the same niche as you and have quite a following. You will then ask them if they are interested in doing a collaboration with your page by doing a mutual shout out. Improve on the chances of pages agreeing with Instagram verification. Then decide on the time frame the shout out will last on your pages. The most effective shout outs are those that remain on the page for an hour or two. During the first hour, you are likely to gain more than the subsequent hours but you can always make another shout out in the second hour. Too many shout outs are likely to get ignored by your followers.

In a nutshell, when coming up with a shout out, state clearly what you love about the page, what others can gain from checking it out and do not forget to attach their username.


4. Don’t Overdo Shout Outs

Limit the number of shout outs you make on your page, otherwise your followers may think you are just posting adverts and you may not achieve the desired effects as they could skip them. Watch your page grow and come up with a schedule on when you can make your shout out posts.

5. Make Use Of Hashtags 

Hashtags are a great way to grow your page as people actually scroll through hashtags. Having  posted content with hashtags and without, I can confirm they do work. You just need to Hashtag more on what the post is about. For example, if it’s a post on food, you can use hashtags like #foodfeed #foodblogger #instafood #foodidea #foodphotography among others. If you are posting a chocolate recipe for example, hashtags like #chocolatecake #chocolaterecipes would work magic. Ensure the hashtags goes together with the picture content.

6. Make Use Of Watermarks

Watermark your images so that bigger pages who like your content don’t get to steal them and repost them on their pages. If any page likes your content, then they need to ask for permission before posting and also give credits to you on their caption. If a page steals your work, you can always report to Instagram for copyright infringement. 

7. Collages

Making a collage of your content and attaching a link is one way to attract viewers to your content. This is especially important if you are posting content that has several images or steps that your followers need to check out. You can use Instagram collage app , PicFrame or any app from your phone that can achieve similar results. Read More : Razelnews