Today, memories can be stored and captured in many ways. With smartphones and social media, it is possible to capture every moment of the day using a variety of platforms. Although these platforms are innovative, they lack the intimacy and connection of physical reminders.

An engraved keepsake box by Way Faren is a great way to honor a friend or family member or give your clients something to treasure forever.

We have a few ideas to help you think of different ways you can use your keepsake container.

1. Protect Baby’s Memories

Children grow up so quickly. Parents have to find ways to keep their children and grandchildren in the best possible format.

Because every moment in children’s lives is precious to the parents, certain items must be kept. The following items can be stored in a personalized keepsake container.

  • Baby’s first Pacifier
  • Bracelet for hospital
  • Your child’s first hairpiece
  • Their first baby tooth
  • The first pair of booties

2. Create a unique wall shelf

Wall shelves can be very useful. You can use a variety of keepsake boxes, including a few, to arrange them on a wall.

To make it a 3-dimensional talking point, pair it with some art. You can paint the box with any color you wish and attach it to your wall. If you don’t plan on keeping anything valuable on it, you can use adhesive tape. When you use a keepsake box as your shelf, a framed photo, a potted flower, or a few books add depth to any room.

3. Store Your Wedding Memorabilia

A wedding day is an important moment in anyone’s life. An engraved keepsake box by Way Faren is a great way to keep everything you have including the wedding vows, copies, and invitations, as well any special items.

4. A Literal Storage System

A keepsake bag is a great way to store things in one location, and they are easy to access. Are you looking for somewhere to store your recipe cards? Maybe you need somewhere to store recipe cards or receipts. You don’t have to worry!

You can store your everyday items in a keepsake bag that is both large and deep. It can be tucked away until you need it. You can also personalize the box with markers to let you know what’s inside.

5. A Box for Your Bestie

A lifetime-long friendship deserves more than a collection of selfies. Here are some ideas for items that can be stored to help you define your special friendship.

  • A shared favorite movie/album
  • Memorabilia from special vacations taken in combination
  • You share an inside joke.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a souvenir from summer camp or a souvenir coffee mug that you got from the first place you met, these things will highlight your friendship.

6. Create Extra Bedroom Storage

How many times have you ever run out of storage space to store your bits and bobs? A keepsake bag is a great place to store scarves, gloves, jewelry, pocket squares, and bow ties. Keep the box in your closet, where it is easy to find when you need it.

7. Corporate Gifts You Will Never Forget

82% of respondents said personalized promotional products give them a better impression. Gift boxes made from handcrafted materials make a great first impression. A thoughtful gift box can be paired with a gift for the recipient. It can also be topped with customized digitally printed tissue papers.

Isn’t it Time to Consider a Keepsake Container?

You can use a keepsake to keep your loved ones close, promote your brand or give them a gift.