You don’t have to buy a scientific electronic calculator to perform those basic math calculations, physics or chemistry. Today, several online calculators can do more operations than the standard calculator. 

All you need to do is input numbers or an equation, and the calculator will solve everything for you. One example of an online calculator is the perimeter calculator, which you can use to find the perimeter of virtually every geometric figure. This article discusses the various online calculators you can use.

  1. A Currency Calculator

As the name suggests, an online currency calculator is used to carry out currency conversions. You choose which currency you want to convert into another and the amount. And then click the convert button, and you will get the answer immediately. The calculator can also be updated to match the current conversion rates.

  1. Perimeter Calculator

A perimeter calculator can find the distance around any geometric figure. It has formulas for finding the perimeter of various figures, like the circle. All you need to do is choose the figure you want to calculate the perimeter and input the dimensions, and the calculator will work everything for you.

  1. Area Calculator

The area is the measure of the space between a two-dimensional figure. You can use the area calculator to calculate areas of common shapes like trapezoids by just inputting the measurements of their dimensions.

  1. Volume Calculators

Volumes refer to the space occupied by matter; volume can also refer to the capacity of a container. And like an online perimeter calculator, there are volume calculators for common three-dimensional figures like the cube cylinder, cones, and many others.

  1. Speed Calculators

Speed is defined as the distance covered by a moving body in a given time; speed and velocity are the same, only that we find velocity when the body moves in a specified direction. However, all these calculations are possible with an online speed calculator. You just input the distance and time spent covering such distances, and the calculator will give you the average speed.

  1. Slope Calculator

Slope refers to the gradient of a line between any two given points. When using the slope calculator, just input the X and Y coordinates of one point and the X and Y coordinates of the other point, usually denoted as (X1, Y1) and (X2, Y2), respectively.

  1. Percentage Calculator

A percentage calculator can do more impressive calculations than even the perimeter calculator. Other than expressing values as a percentage, the calculator can find percentage increase and decrease as well as percentage changes.

  1. Conversion Calculators

You don’t have to worry about how many units make up the other. A conversion calculator will help you carry out conversions of units used to measure volume, length, weight, temperature, speed, data, and many other conversions.


Online math calculators such as the perimeter calculator have simplified the way we used to do calculations. These calculators have predefined functions and formulas that make our maths easier. Other online math calculators include currency calculators, area calculators, volume calculators, slope calculators, speed calculators, percentage calculators, and conversions calculators.