Doctor specialist giving pedicure treatment to his patient.

When it comes to our overall health and well-being, constant monitoring and prevention of major potential issues can’t be underscored enough. This is also true for the health of our feet and ankles. It’s pertinent to schedule regular visits to a podiatrist even when there are no health problems with your ankles or feet, especially for athletes and those with diabetes. There are immense benefits that accrue to those who visit their podiatrist at least once a year. The most notable advantage is the early detection hence swift treatment for any potential foot complications. No matter your feet or ankle condition, you’ll also be sure to find a range of helpful advice, from hygienic practices to various topical treatments. You can visit the website of physio in Marrickville to learn more about a podiatrist and the services they provide if you’re unsure of where to start. Getting the best podiatric services begins with choosing the most experienced and professional podiatrist. This article will discuss 8 most practical considerations to make before settling for one. Read on!

Their Education and Experience

Inquire about the podiatrist’s training and experience during the initial consultation process. They should at least have a certification in one of the foot and ankle specialization areas as a testament to their qualification. Their experience with various foot conditions is also an important aspect to inquire about. This will make you confident in their ability to successfully diagnose and provide the best treatment for any potential foot and ankle problems. 

Reviews and Referrals

One of the most significant signs of a great podiatrist is positive reviews and testaments from previous patients. A top-notch podiatrist is most likely to have an online presence. Go through their website and look out for reviews from patients to get a grasp of their service ratings directly from people who have had the experience with them. Also, look at how they respond to negative reviews or complaints on their website to determine their honesty. Alternatively, you can also ask for referrals from trusted acquaintances and friends who have been treated for foot conditions. They are most likely to give you an honest opinion about their experiences with a podiatrist. 

Their Technology 

There has been rapid technological advancement in the medical sector in the recent past, and podiatry has had its share. Inquire from your potential podiatrist on the technology they use in their diagnosis and treatments. It’s important to know whether they employ the most current cutting-edge technology and knowledge in their practice to be assured of the best results. Some podiatrists don’t take the needed steps to ensure they are updated with the most recent cutting-edge tools and equipment for optimal foot care for their patients. 


Sometimes, the most experienced and well-trained podiatrist may not be best suited for you due to their availability. They might be too far away, or their working schedules may not fit your preferred appointment time. Such a scenario may warrant looking for another podiatrist you can conveniently work with. 

Their Specializations 

Podiatrists have various specializations. It’s vital to know the range of services provided by your potential podiatrist of choice and whether they fit your specialized needs. The best podiatrist has a team of specialists dealing in a variety of foot and ankle conditions. Some are expert orthopedics and can help with customizing footwear for patients, while others specialize in sports injuries. A podiatrist specializing in your kind of condition will be best suited to treat you successfully as they have experience dealing with similar cases. 

Do they Accept Your Insurance? 

Other than their expertise, another key trait of a perfect podiatrist is the flexibility of their payment options. They should offer their patients comprehensive and fair pricing and accept a wide range of insurance options. You should inquire from them whether your insurance is accepted during the initial consultation to avoid payment inconveniences in the future. 

Available Treatment Options 

Your podiatrist of choice should have a wide range of treatment options for various foot conditions. This is crucial in ensuring that you won’t have to switch podiatrists in the future due to limited treatment options. 

Their Customer Service 

To be honest, no one likes visiting a doctor, and dealing with rude or unwelcoming staff. It makes things worse. This also applies to a podiatrist. When discussing your foot problems, you should be in your most relaxed state, and an amicable staff goes a long way in ensuring that. It’s advisable to make a pre-visit to your podiatrist of choice and assess the clinic’s general ambiance to get a gist of what to expect.