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Nurses in today’s world are always traveling. They require immediate access to timely, comprehensive, and available data. Despite this, they may not always be able to locate a biology journal or laptop to check or search for information. Nurses of all levels of expertise may raise their efficiency and enhance their effectiveness with the apps listed below. These are the top nursing applications for turning your phone into mobile access to healthcare information and expertise.

1.  Lippincott Nurse Advisor

Millions of clinical items are produced by nurses for nurses in an ever-growing resource. You’ll discover diagnostic tests, indications and symptoms, therapies, illnesses and ailments, and more, emphasizing evidence-based outcomes that match practice standards.

A powerful search feature enhances this app’s efficiency and utility. You may also personalize it with medical notes, company-specific guidelines, etc. It’s available for download on iTunes and Google Play. Get these apps for free from rarbg.

2.  Nurse’s Pocket Guide-Diagnosis

You’ll have all you require to establish accurate diagnosis and build successful treatment regimens with the Nurse’s Pocket Guide-Diagnosis. This extensive application, which is available for iOS and Android, includes treatment plans for over 440 medical disorders. Make notes on any post, save it for later, and use the searching option to discover subjects swiftly.

3.  NurseGrid

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NurseGrid was created by registered nurses and is accessible for download on Google Play and iTunes. This flexible application is rated 4.9 stars out of 5 stars on the iTunes Store, with over 45,800 reviews. Drug updates are provided for a year, as well as the ability to add custom accents and comments to entries, bookmark entries, and use Cross – linking to quickly navigate across resources. Over 500,000 nurses use NurseGrid to organize their work commitments by quickly adding schedules, configuring numerous work locations, synchronizing with their scheduling application, etc.

4.  Nursing central

Nursing Central is a collection of five powerful apps that have been integrated to create one of the most excellent nursing apps available. Nursing Central is a sophisticated and interconnected nursing solution accessible for Android and iOS smartphones. Drug updates are available for a year, and the option to make custom accents and notes inside an entry, bookmark entries, and use Cross – linkage to travel across resources fast. This combo of five source applications gives you accessibility to test and illness knowledge from reputable sources.

5.  Merck Manual Professional

For many medical assistants, the Merck Manual is a must-have resource. According to Merck & Co., health presentation doubles every 18 months, making it more challenging for overworked nurses to keep current. This software, accessible on Play Store and iTunes, simplifies everything. Hundreds of subjects authored by over 350 scientific physicians are available and detailed graphics and images representing thousands of disease states. You may also test your understanding of medical indications, therapies, and illnesses, among other things.

6.  Black’s Medical Dictionary

Best Apps For Nurses: 7 Must Have Medical Apps

Black’s Medical Dictionary has become a recognized reference for almost a century. This software is a valuable reference with over 5,000 definitions, a social networking function to share knowledge effortlessly, and a user-friendly and straightforward layout. Check the criteria first because not all healthcare applications mentioned above are mobile responsive.  Is there one that isn’t represented by an app? You may discover degrees and programs at Post University to prepare you for a lengthy and successful nursing profession. Their digital RN to BSN program allows you the independence you ought to work while continuing your studies. Interested?

7.  Symptomia

A symptomia is a free app that lets you check up on over 50 ailments. After you’ve entered your symptoms, you’ll be presented with a choice of options in only two taps. For a year, drug updates are available, as well as the ability to add custom accents and notes inside an entry, bookmark entries, and use Cross-linkage to quickly navigate between resources. It’s a perfect means of overcoming the language and comprehension gap between patients and their medical providers.

8.  Disease Dictionary

The Disease Dictionary application is compatible with ios and Android smartphones and is free. You’ll get access to a data set that runs entirely independently of the internet. This professional reference guide and glossary contain vivid explanations of critical medical disorders and ailments and prescription medicine data and therapy details.

9.  Pill Identifier

Bring an end to the perplexity of receiving a buffet of apparently odd medications from a patient. You may rapidly search over thousands of drugs using the Pill Identifier application from using common factors like colour, drug description, size, and imprint. Only iTunes has the Pill Identifier app.


Today’s nursing academics rely on relevant technological tools to handle various elements of their hectic career and personal life. Find any one of the apps listed above for studying and arranging patient care duties can help students and health professionals cope with the pressures of college and university.