Australia is a country with a multicultural history and that can be seen in its cuisine. The native Aboriginal people ate foods like yams, shellfish, and fish, and their influence can still be felt in the food today. The first European settlers brought with them wheat, potatoes, and other staples of Western European cooking but also brought along some more exotic ingredients. In other words: Australians love their food! While there are plenty of things to try while you’re in Australia (and we recommend trying as many as possible), here are some delicious options for when you’re out exploring this beautiful country:

1. Vegemite

Vegemite is an Aussie staple and has a pretty acquired taste. I would describe the flavor as tangy, salty, and somewhat bitter. It’s made from leftover brewer’s yeast extract that’s been added to the vegetable extract to create a thick paste (that’s what makes it black). Vegemite was created in 1922 by Dr. Cyril P Callister as part of his work with the Ministry of Health and Medical Research Council as a remedy for vitamin B deficiency in World War I soldiers; however, it didn’t become popular until 1928 when Kraft Foods took over its production.

The best way to eat Vegemite? With toast! Many people like their toast extra dry so they can spread on the Vegemite, but this might be an acquired taste too: if you’re not sure how much or little you’ll like Vegemite at first bite, start with half a teaspoon on your sandwich or piece of toast—and then see how far down your throat you can get before gagging!

2. Vegan snack

A vegan snack is a food that does not contain any animal products. Vegan snacks can be made from vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, and seeds. Vegan snacks can be eaten at any time of the day.

  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Pistachios Nuts

3. Decaf Coffee

Decaf coffee is made from beans that have been roasted without the presence of caffeine. It contains about 1% of the amount of caffeine in a regular cup of brewed coffee. Decaf coffee is also called semi-decaf, or decaffeinated, and you may find it served with a dash of milk.

If you prefer instant coffee over-brewed, then opt for powdered decaf instead.

4. Order Takeaway

Ordering takeaway is a great way to save money and enjoy some delicious food without having to spend hours in the kitchen. It’s also one of the easiest ways to sample Australian cuisine in a hurry in any area like takeaway in Picton or other locations, as many takeaways offer delivery services as well as dine-in options. If you’re visiting from abroad, ordering takeaway can be especially helpful if you don’t have time or energy (or both) to prepare a meal at home.

In Australia, it’s common for restaurants and cafes to offer online ordering through websites or apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Some establishments even have apps where customers can order food directly from their phones! Here are some tips for ordering Australian takeaway online:

  • Check whether there’s an available pickup window – most places will let you know when they’re open by providing hours on their website or app profile page; if there aren’t any hours listed however then that means they don’t offer pickup service (and therefore only deliver). Also, note that many restaurants close early on weekends so make sure not to order too late in case they’re closed by then!
  • Choose between delivery services – If your favorite local spot doesn’t accept orders through an app such as Deliveroo then simply search elsewhere until finding one which does allow them before proceeding further with this next step.

5. Tim Tams

Tim Tams is a chocolate biscuit made by Arnott. They’re sold in packs of 4 and 20 and are available in Australia and New Zealand. The Tim Tam is a chocolate biscuit with a creamy chocolate filling. They can be purchased at most supermarkets or convenience stores, but they’re more common in Australia than they are in New Zealand.


6. Meat Pie

Meat pies are a staple of the Australian diet. They’re made with various fillings and can be found at just about every gas station or corner store. The meat pie is a small round pastry shell, filled with meat and vegetables like peas and carrots. Sometimes cheese is added as well!

In Australia, there’s no real etiquette when it comes to eating these yummy treats. However, they should be eaten with your hands (or a fork if you’re still hungry after). On top of that—and this may seem obvious—but don’t eat them while driving or walking!

7. Barramundi

Barramundi is a fish that’s native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. It’s often served in restaurants and can also be purchased at the grocery store.

Barramundi tastes like a cross between salmon and halibut, but with a firmer texture. When cooked properly, it will flake easily with a fork but remain moist and juicy.

It’s best when pan-fried or grilled over medium heat until opaque throughout (about 10 minutes). If you’re using it in ceviche or raw sushi, you’ll want to make sure the flesh is white throughout before serving.

8. Kangaroo burgers

Kangaroo meat is low in fat and high in protein. It is also a good source of iron and zinc, two minerals that are often lacking in the diets of people who eat a lot of red meat. Kangaroo meat also contains B vitamins, vitamin E, and other nutrients that may help reduce the risk of heart disease when eaten regularly.

9. Fish and chips (with ‘tartare sauce)

Fish and chips (with ‘tartare sauce) is a traditional Australian dish consisting of fried fish and French fries. It’s also known as “fish and chips with tartare sauce.” If you’re wondering what tartare sauce is, it’s a mayonnaise-based sauce that can be used in other dishes. It’s common practice to serve fish and chips with tartare sauce as an accompaniment in Australia.


You can find these dishes all over the country and they are a great way to start exploring the local cuisine. The next time you’re in Australia, try some of these delicious dishes!