9 tips to design a modern kitchen using cabinets
9 tips to design a modern kitchen using cabinets

If you want to design a modern kitchen, stick to this post. You should know some main elements to create a modern space. First of all, it is all about minimalism. Modern Kitchens If you have ever seen such a kitchen, you know they have sleek arrays. For instance, they have clean lines and elegant looks. So, you can get this modern look with CCC cabinets.

A modern kitchen does not have grandeur. But, it has simple yet stylish looks. Also, it makes use of less hardware and more storage. You will see art and crafts furniture in a modern setup. Also, the lighting, the backdrop, cabinets, and the counter can create the best kitchen outlook. 

Below are some of the handy tips to design a modern kitchen for your home:

  1. Keep it minimal
  2. Make a U or L shaped layout
  3. Use espresso cabinets
  4. Stainless steel touch
  5. Go for marble counters
  6. Pair blonde cabinets with a white backdrop
  7. Try colorful base cabinets
  8. Open shelving
  9. Use subway tiles

1- Keep it minimal:

A true modern kitchen has minimal details. It does not have to be boring. Also, they are not just simple or basic. But, modern kitchen designs have clean lines and less décor. Also, these kitchens focus on more storage than showoff. So, if you are looking for minimal details, go for a modern kitchen setup. If you can’t decide how to put together all details in your kitchen then, professionals in remodeling kitchen in Austin, Folsom, or others near you, bring a level of knowledge and experience to the table because they understand kitchen design and layout especially related to cabinets and countertops. Working with kitchen remodeling professionals is the surest way to create a modern kitchen design that not only looks good but is also highly functional.

2- Make a U or L shaped layout:

A U- or L-shaped layout is best for a modern kitchen. These shapes are best for a large size kitchen. But, if you have a large area, then go for a center counter kitchen. In this way, the sink and the fridge are within your access. Also, add some stool bars next to the counter. It will make a perfect layout for a modern setup.

3- Use espresso cabinets:

Dark cabinets are in fashion these days. So, you can use espresso cabinets for both upper and lower parts. Get the style from j&k cabinetry. Also, you can pair them with white or any neutral backdrop. It will give a rich and warm touch to your place. With sleek raised panels and wide drawers, you can create a perfect cooking space and storage.

4- Stainless steel touch:

Well, who says that modern kitchens are dull? You can give any surface or item a stainless steel finish. In this way, when it comes to your appliances and hardware It is best to have a zline 36 range black stainless gas stove for your cooking space. Moreover, you can easily wipe the stainless steel surfaces. You can add it to your modern setup in many ways.

5- Go for marble counters:

There is no denying that marble counters are a timeless beauty. Nothing can beat the charm and elegance of these tops. So, white marble with gray and blue patterns can lift the look of your modern kitchen in no time. But, it takes much effort to keep the marble clean. In this case, you can also opt for quartz counters. They can mimic the look of marble with great ease. Plus, they are easy to maintain in many ways. 

6- Pair blonde cabinets with a white backdrop:

Another tip to have a modern kitchen is to go for blonde cabinets. Just pair them with white cabinets and a backsplash. Then, you will be amazed by its outlook. Also, balance the light color with dark elements. You can get the best wooden cabinets from CCC cabinets. In this way, you can create a unique contrast for your cooking space.

7- Try colorful base cabinets:

Nowadays, most people try bold and colorful cabinets. You can go for any rich color. For instance, emerald green, navy blue, and rustic colors are trends. This one is an easy tip to create a modern feel for your kitchen. So, you can paint them in any color to make a statement. 

8- Open shelving:

Open shelves are for both storage and décor. These simple shelves allow more space for dishes and mugs. Also, these open spaces make the kitchen look wide and airy. Moreover, you can use them for daily use items. A good alignment can create a unique outlook for your kitchen.


9- Use subway tiles:

The use of subway tiles is common in modern kitchen designs. These clean lines and shiny backdrop will look best with your décor. Also, these subway tiles mostly come in white color. They make your place look bigger and clean. Also, this is a simple tip for a small modern kitchen. The trick is to extend them from the backsplash to the ceiling.


To conclude, modern kitchens have a great visual appeal. You can design any kitchen with CCC cabinets. Firstly, these kitchens have minimal details. They use less hardware and décor elements. Also, you can pair espresso cabinets with a white backdrop. Use stainless steel appliances and handles. Go for colorful cabinets for this kitchen design. Hopefully, these tips will help you create a perfect modern kitchen. 

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