When you are training under the scorching summer sun, a breezy outfit that does not restrict your dynamic movements wicks all sweat, rapidly dries, and is made of breathable material for optimum comfort is important. A combination of an airy tshirt and light shorts along with athletic shoes ensures you are comfortable and giving your best performance.

 A combination of an airy t-shirt, such as the Chicago Cubs shirts, and light shorts along with athletic shoes ensures you are comfortable and giving your best performance.

One should always opt for a sports tshirt for men made of fabrics that offer rapid moisture absorption. Some tshirts have mesh inserts and panels that let air easily pass through the fabric, and some have special technologies that eliminate odour and restrict the growth of bacteria to keep your skin healthy and safe.

If you are looking for a sports tshirt for men that is stylish and functional, here are seven colours of t-shirts you should definitely have in your wardrobe to ensure you have unlimited combinations to mix and match. 

1. Black

A staple in every wardrobe that goes with bottoms of every colour imaginable. A black tshirt exudes class and elevates your style without much effort. Put on a black tshirt to look well put-together and ready for some training. A black sports tshirt for men with a sleek fit is perfect for enhancing performance. For comfort, the material can be cotton or an ultra-soft poly/spandex blend. It should also have moisture-absorbing technology that can wick every drop of sweat instantly.

2. White

A colour known for its versatility, white is a go-to during hot temperatures since a light colour reflects the sunlight and keeps the body cool. It is also the reason why you may have seen several sports teams wearing white tshirts while training. White is the colour of sophistication. A sense of seriousness is conveyed when you wear a white sports tshirt for men at any sporting event, so match it with a pair of any dark colour shorts and create the perfect contrast. 

3. Red

Red is the colour you should wear if you never back down from a challenge and want to convey a message of confidence to your opponent. It could be a bright red or maroon. Opt for a solid red sports tshirt for men or one with black panels to create a stunning contrast. Red is best paired with black or white shorts for the perfect training outfit. 

4. Green

Be it a deep, rich forest green or a light, fun green. This colour adds a nice pop of vibrancy to the field. Be sure to select a tshirt that is made of a soft fabric like cotton to enhance the level of comfort. The moisture wick technology will keep you cool even with the sun beating down. With a fit that shows off your hard work and dedication and an attitude to win, a green sports tshirt for men is the ultimate colour of success.

5. Blue

It is one of the most common colours sportsmen like to wear on the field and the court. A blue sports tshirt for men is the colour of confidence and serious play. Professional players are often seen sporting blue since it conveys a sense of brotherhood, faith and team spirit. A comfortable blue tshirt increases your performance and can be a constant source of motivation. Choose blue for a regular training day to denote high confidence and energy levels. 

6. Neon

One of the most playful colours to wear in the court, neon in any colour, portrays that you like to have fun while playing. A neon sports tshirt for men can help you portray your personality in a friendly manner. Pair any neon colour with black or white training shorts for an easy, casual, comfortable outfit. One of the most common colours of neon that players sport on the field is neon green. Apart from green, you can also go for neon red, pink and yellow.

7. Grey

For days when you do not want to get distracted by bold colours, a grey tshirt comes in handy. Easy to style and comfortable to wear, a grey tshirt with minimal print is a great choice. Ensure that your sports tshirt is made with sustainable, featherlight material since it will be excellent at keeping the wearer dry and active throughout the day. Another popular shade of grey is light grey, often worn by runners who want to look good and feel dry all day.


You can look good on and off training with athletic men’s t-shirts. The blue, black and white trio is perfect for starting your sports t-shirt collection. Then you can further incorporate other colours like neon, green, red, yellow and so on as you progress. Pair them with contrasting shorts, and you have a winning outfit that will keep you comfortable and on top of your game all day.