Kids often insist more on a trip on vacations or a weekend, and they always want to go to a park where they can play and enjoy themselves with their siblings and friends. Speaking of the parks, Dubai has never failed to amaze kids. With various fun activities at different parks, Dubai is the best place to enjoy trips and tours with your kids and family. Of all the parks, the VR park Dubai theme park is the one that leaves everyone WOW! The computer-generated virtual reality theme park has activities that are close to reality. The place has special activities for kids, and one such activity is soft play day access. This article will explain the term further. If you are interested in knowing it, walk with us!

Soft Play Day Access at VR Park Dubai:

VR Park Dubai is home to several thrilling yet funny activities for individuals of all ages. From kids to adults, everyone can enjoy themselves a lot. The VR motion rides and roller coasters are so close to reality that they will pump your adrenaline level, but you will end up liking it in the end. The theme park has specialized gaming activities for kids where they can play and learn a lot. The soft play access is an entry pass with different options for various kids. Do you want to know the different packages? Let us go through them quickly!

Highlighting the soft play day:

Soft play day access is a special package designed for kids. After buying it, up to four kids can play various virtual reality (VR) games at the park with access to the soft play area one day. The kids’ limit is five, and no more than five can play at the same time. There is no need to book it in advance, and all you need to do is present the printed voucher and enter it. Different attractions have various physical and mental health criteria, and your child should meet every single one.

About this deal:

The price of this deal starts from AED 35, and it’s valid seven days a week. The deal also offers optional reload credit to the visitors. As mentioned, there is no booking needed in advance, and visitors can get the entry by showing the printed voucher.

Price options:

Visitors can buy a deal that best suits their needs. There are multiple deals offered, depending on the number of activities offered and prices. Let us have a look at these options:

i) Option 1:

If you are buying this deal for one child, it will cost you AED 35. A minimum of two vouchers will be required at the time of entry.

ii) Option 2:

The second option is based on the reload credit. For AED 150, you can load a credit of AED 200. Credit worth AED 200 can be used against different games.

The VR Park offers thrilling and funny activities for individuals of all ages. Are you excited to know what’s inside? Grab your VR park Dubai tickets today and pay a visit with your family!

Conditions of the deal:

The soft play day access deal comes with numerous conditions, and the buyers need to watch these out before or after the purchase. Let us discuss them one by one.

  • The deal will be valid for a duration of two months (60 days) from the purchase date.
  • You cannot claim it on public holidays since it will be considered invalid on these days.
  • No prior booking is required.
  • Different rides and attractions have indicated height, age, and health restrictions, and the visitors must meet these restrictions.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed inside the park and attraction sites.
  • Kids should not enter the park without parents or guardians.
  • Only four kids are allowed at the same time.
  • Credit reload only done on the existing card, and a new card will cost extra charges.
  • Kids and parents must follow the safety and COVID rules.
  • VR park rules and regulations apply to everyone, and no one is exempted.


The timings are subject to change, depending on the conditions. Following is a breakdown of weekdays and weekends’ timing schedules.

i) Weekdays: Sunday to Thursday

Timing: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Visitors after 09:30 PM are not allowed to enter.

ii) Weekend: Friday to Saturday

Timing: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM

The last entry will be at 11:30 PM

Visitors are advised to come at least two hours before to avoid any mishap. The packages are affordable, and kids can enjoy as much as they want. Book your tickets online for the upcoming weekend and have fun with your kids!

Enjoy the theme park attractions with your family and friends!

VR Park Dubai is home to numerous thrilling and funny activities. It has games and rides for individuals of all ages. Do you want to see what the place has more in the box? Grab the tickets and pay a visit.