Living kilometers away from the university you are enrolled in can be challenging and exhausting. You have to face the daily stress of commuting and waking up hours before your first class. As a college student, it is highly likely that one of your dreams is to move into your own condo unit. Perhaps, you have found the right rental space or you have already talked to the developer about the date when the unit will be turned over. You might have thought that you are now ready to live a more comfortable and enjoyable student life. Or maybe not yet, because it is still completely empty so what you need to do is to fill it with what you need such as made-to-measure roman blinds, furniture pieces, and decorative items. 

Condo units do not have the luxury of space so you have to be strategic and smart with how you utilize it. If you get rid of unnecessary things, you will not have to compromise your lifestyle. Below are the 10 essential items that you must have in your small condo unit.

Curtains and roman blinds

Curtains and Roman blinds are the very first items that you must install in the place as they have several purposes. If you want to ensure privacy and prevent yourself from being seen by your neighbors, it is best to add roman blinds and curtains made from thick fabrics. But you must also consider factors other than their ability to provide privacy. You must find curtains and roman blinds that are easy to maintain and are adjustable so that you can let light in whenever you want.

Cord organizers

If you have a lot of gadgets, then you are probably having a hard time organizing your cords and cables. It is the common problem faced by homeowners so you might want to purchase cord organizers.  They will not only save you from having a messy bundle of cords and cables but also keep your space safe from any hazard.

Vertical shelves

Vertical shelves are must-haves in a small condo unit because they create an illusion of pushing the ceiling which then allows the room to look and feel more spacious than it actually is. They provide more storage space for all your small essentials and clothing. Make sure that their color matches with the pattern and design of the other items in the condo such as the roman blinds and curtains, cushions, and sofa. 


A sofa-bed is an ultimate space safer since it is dual purpose. You can use it as a sofa that provides additional comfortable sitting space but you may also convert it into a bed where your guests can sleep whenever they visit you. Don’t forget to match its color with the cushion and roman blinds for a more harmonious-looking condo.


Ottoman is another furniture item that you must put in your condo unit. It can address several of your needs as a new homeowner such as additional seating space, coffee table, and complimentary furniture for your sofa. When choosing its color, you must ensure that it can fit perfectly in the space by considering the texture and pattern of the roman blinds, curtains, cushions, and other furniture pieces.

Cleaning and office supplies

You can never make a place neat without cleaning and office supplies. Make sure that you also have the tools necessary to clean the dust of your roman blinds and curtains. These supplies include but are not limited to brooms, vacuum, cleaning solutions, and scissors. They are not just useful during the entire moving process but are also helpful when you perform daily chores and run errands.

In a Nutshell

Before filling the condo unit with other luxurious items, you must first consider buying the listed home essentials above. They are designed to make your living space functional and organized. Since they are all hand, you can still bring them with you if you move to another condo in the future. Once you have all of these essentials, you can surely enjoy studying and acing the semester.