Led screens to resize the advertising experience, sporting, artistic, musical, and cultural events. This electronic device is capable of displaying information, videos, images, or any data with sufficient quality to capture the attention of the audience.

Led stands for light-emitting diodes. It is made up of LEDs that are pixels by means of modules or panels. They can be monochromatic, bicolor or polychromatic. Currently, their use in events has become widespread, they provide the attending public with the ideal complement for the experience.

Uses of Led screens in the market

Within advertising strategies, the use of static billboards is in the past. The brain of the new consumer of the millennial individual is programmed, thanks to new technologies, to a dynamic, precise, and creative presentation of information.

The dynamism and avant-garde are what characterize LED technology. Its use in meetings, congresses, and concerts, in its giant size, with a first-class resolution, guarantees good vision from all the spaces where the spectators are. It is important that users can count on the best advice when choosing a custom LED screen at www.rotuloselectronicos.net.

Led screens to use very little electricity and their lifetime is longer. Thanks to their technology, they are the thinnest screen on the market, and if they are to be used indoors, they take up little space. Its definition, brightness, and duration are greater than that of LCD or plasma screens. It is a guaranteed and recommended product.

Manufacture and installation of Led screens for all occasions

Manufacturers of Led screens in the market must be committed to the interests of the companies that seek their services. The materials used must be of the highest quality in order to guarantee resolution, image, and sound.

The content of the screen has a very friendly control panel to offer comfort to the user. Modular technology is the one used for the effective installation of Led screens. This type of installation knows no space or location limitations.

Each one of the screens is manufactured under specific molds designed to the needs of the client. The products can be monochromatic, bicolor, or polychromatic depending on the specific presentation needs of the product or brand of your company.

Although these screens can be installed indoors or outdoors, there are environments that can be aggressive, such as coastlines. However, there are always viable solutions that guarantee the quality of the product. Among these, special varnish coatings can be offered to protect the Led screen and its components.

The giant outdoor Led screens have the IP protection degree that guarantees effective maintenance of the product both in its front and rear part against dust and rain. It is also very important to have professional advice and after-sales maintenance service.

Products of Led Screens that exist in the market

Every day the use of Led screens is implemented more to get the attention required by passers-by. There are many uses that result in a variety of products, among the best known are:

Screens for outdoor advertising, static or curtain.

  • Traffic signs.
  • Urban signs.
  • Programmable signs.
  • Screens for Stadiums.
  • Concert screens.
  • Screens for cultural events
  • Industrial use.

These products can be used in different environments for different purposes. Its uses can be very varied and the formats very creative. In the market, you can get from digital labels for products to floors or interactive led stairs. You can place it in a static space or in advertising trucks.

A led display manufacturer of Led screens in the market must have the guarantee of a long history. Time guarantees knowledge and evolution in the product market. In addition, important contacts with raw material suppliers.

Led screens are the best means to advertise, they are easily adaptable and offer a highly professional image quality. Advice and technical support are essential when choosing manufacturers. The possibilities of use are truly endless and resize any business, event, concert, disco, party, thus guaranteeing the best visibility and brightness in any environment.