Many men have difficulty looking for their perfect outfits for warm temperatures. So, the best way to choose the pants during these sizzling days is you have to try them on first before actually paying for them. There are a lot of brands and fabrics available today, so choosing the right one that suits you and makes your body and skin feel comfortable all day long would be the best idea. One such type of pants for men is Bedford pants. As the name suggests, these pants are made from Bedford cord and are sometimes referred to as “Bedford cords”. 

Bedford cord is a fabric that is versatile as chino, durable as denim, and textured as corduroy. These pants are perfect for all occasions, so dress them up with a blazer or wear them like casual jeans. Moreover, these are super comfortable and give you a sophisticated edge. These pants are the best choice for summer days. When the sweltering heat is taking you over, it is always best to go for functionality and comfort and hence, wear clothes that allow your body to breathe. However, many men often find it difficult to find perfect pants for themselves. And if you are also among the same group of people, this article is for you, as it enlists a few tips you need to consider when buying a pair of pants. So, continue reading!

Measure Your Size

If you already know your waist size, you can skip this step; otherwise, if you struggle to find trousers that fit your waistline, measure your waist beforehand. You can use a measuring tape for this and wrap it around your waist; the number you get is the number of your pants. Meanwhile, when measuring your waist, ensure the waistline is not too low or high; it should perfectly fall on your waist. Also, put two fingers in your pants while trying them; if you feel comfortable in them, they are a perfect size.

Select the Style of Pant

There are different styles of pants for men available in various fabrics. And when you step into the market to buy pants for men, you will find three popular types of pants- plain front, single pleats, and double pleats. As the name suggests, a straight front is the most uncomplicated style of pants with no pleats, and the single pleat pants have one crease on each leg and make up a good choice for men with larger legs. Then there are double pleats pants, in which there are two pleats per leg. These pants are designed to give maximum comfort and flexibility. So, you need to choose the type of pants as per your preference.

Choose the Suitable Fabric

Pants for men are available in many types of fabrics, such as:

  • Denim: Used for causal wear only.
  • Corduroy: It is a soft fabric and is suitable as a casual option with distinctive ridges.
  • Cotton twill: It is simple, sturdy and cheap.
  • Bedford cord: It is textured fabric woven with vertical yarns.
  • Wool flannel: It is a thick, soft wool fabric that makes up a fantastic traditional dress slack option
  • Worsted wool: These are dressy, flattering and commonly used for suit trousers.

All these fabrics are suitable for different seasons. For example, Bedford pants are a good choice for summer, while wool flannel pants will be ideal for chilling weather. So it is essential that when selecting the type of fabric of pants, you keep in mind the season in which you intend to wear them. 

Find the Right Fit

The fit of the trouser is another critical consideration to keep in mind while buying a pant. As such, it is always best to choose the one that flatters your body type. For example, loose-fitted baggy cargo pants will not suit a short-height man. Similarly, slim-fit chinos are not suitable for boys with narrow legs. So always select the cut and the fit of the pants according to your body type. 

Keeping the abovementioned things in mind while buying pants can make a lasting impression on your overall outfit.