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Many industries and businesses rely on shipping companies to send their containers to liner companies or their customers. Over the past decade, there has been a boost in quick and smooth international shipping by top rated container transport companies that make it easy to know the whereabouts of a container and reduce operational costs.

But how does this technology work and what are its benefits it? This guide about container tracking systems will convey everything about shipment tracking and how tracking software has helped revolutionize the entire logistics industry.

What are container tracking systems?

Container tracking systems are programs or databases that keep an inventory of containers: the larger, metal boxes that carry cargo from one point to another. Container tracking systems are a fairly new phenomenon. The container ships that carry most of the world’s trade now use container tracking systems, but the systems used to track them are not new.

These systems are powered by a tracking tool or software that uses various technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth, LPWAN, or WiFi, to keep track of the shipments sent away by companies.

The benefits of using container tracker

Container tracking software has revolutionized the shipping industry by providing a convenient and reliable way to track shipment containers that are sailed across distances spanning thousands of miles. container search Below are some notable benefits of using container tracking software:

Cost Reduction

Demurrage charges are also sometimes called “dockage” or “franchise” charges. They are charges imposed by governments for the use of their ports. A container ship typically has to buy or lease a container, and then rent or buy it a berth in a port. The port limits the number of ships that can berth there, and charges a proportionate fee for each ship. The port charges more for a berth for longer stays.

Improved shipping efficiency

The logistics department is at the heart of your business, so you need the right tools to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Container tracking software can help you do that by streamlining the shipping process. With the help of a container or asset tracking system, you can reduce the number of mistakes made by your shipping department, which in turn will improve the timeliness of your shipments and cut down on the costs of shipping

Supply chain control

When the sender or liner companies face any issues moving goods or receiving them, it can lead to additional expenses. Using a container tracking tool can minimize the chances of displacement of your shipment and allow safe delivery. You can track all shipments from the first step right up until the moment they reach their customers, so you’ll know exactly where your goods are and when they will be delivered.

Prevention of theft or losses

Often, shipments sent to the liner companies are delayed or misplaced with no knowledge of the container’s whereabouts. By knowing exactly where your container is moving, shipment companies are able to track the location and ETA of their goods and, as a result, avoid the losses as a result of displacement.

Moreover, since liner companies are often held accountable for any stolen containers, a shipment tracker will help in resolving this issue by providing valuable information on what may have gone wrong.

In summary

shipping Container tracking systems enable companies to manage and track the movement of goods and people across national borders. With consistent and regular real-time monitoring of your goods, you will have first-hand information and data regarding the whereabouts of your shipment so that you can track any changes and take prompt action in case something goes wrong with your container.