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Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is one of the rapidly emerging trends in the healthcare sector. Among the plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation, implant removals, buttock lift, jaw reshaping, and rhinoplasty are the most common ones. Most often, the reason to opt for rhinoplasty or any other plastic surgery procedure is cosmetic. However, there may be some medical benefits, such as rhinoplasty after an accidental injury. Moreover, teenage rhinoplasty has been very popular recently.

Whatever the reason would be, you must find the best plastic surgeon in Lahore for your surgery. Hence, if you are looking for a rhinoplasty or nose job, cosmeticoplasty is the place for you.

Let’s get a bit deeper into the subject of rhinoplasty and explore.  

What is rhinoplasty?

First of all, rhinoplasty is also known simply as the nose job or cosmetic nose surgery. As the name indicates, it is about nose surgery. The patients go under the knife to straighten the nose bridge, fix the nose tip or the overall shape of the nose. Other than this, the surgery may be performed to deal with certain medical conditions such as breathing issues and blocked sinuses. Such defects may be due to any injury during an accident, or they may be a congenital disability. 

Now let’s explore why teenage rhinoplasty is so popular.

Reasons for upsurge in rhinoplasty

According to the 2018 stats, rhinoplasty has been the most popular cosmetic procedure of the year. We have discovered that there are various reasons for this. Some of the main reasons are as follows. 

  1. Bullying 

As mentioned above, most cosmetic procedures are for aesthetic reasons. The main reason behind such a trend is bullying and teasing. Such types of social behaviors cause a sense of lower self-image. Consequently, it leads to lower self-confidence and lower self-esteem. Hence, it is pretty common for teenagers to wish for a nose job because they wish to enjoy a better self-image. 

However, teenage rhinoplasty is not for someone who wishes to look like Someone. In such cases, the best plastic surgeon in Lahore turns down the procedure. Otherwise, it won’t be wrong to say that teenage bullying and teasing are the leading causes of the increasing trend of nose jobs among teenagers.

  • Teenage celebrities

This is the age of influencers and following the dream celebrities and influencers is very common among teenagers. The following doesn’t mean having updates about your favorite celebrity, but it points to copy their style and fashion sense. 

Currently, teenage celebrities such as Kylie Jenner also tend to go for rhinoplasty. Hence, they set an inspiration for teenage rhinoplasty for people as well.

  • Social media 

Social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and etc) have made everything accessible to everyone. They are playing a significant part in shaping the preference of the general audience. Hence, big companies and brands manipulate teenage influencers. Therefore, the opinion and decision-making of the youth are infiltrated. 

If the influencers on social media get a nose job done, they are more likely to set or catalyze the ongoing trend of teenage rhinoplasty. 

Moreover, the stats indicate that these influencers play a major in the rising rhinoplasty trends among youngsters. 

In conclusion, reshaping your facial appearance is nothing to play with. Therefore, the best plastic surgeon in Lahore analyses the exact reason for the surgery. Consequently, identifying the valid reason for going under the knife signs the verdict. 

What is the best age for a teenage nose job?

Teens might get their nose shape fixed over time naturally. This fact is valid to some extent. However, the candidate may pass the scrutiny for reasons of the surgery. In such cases, according to the expert advice of the best plastic surgeon in Lahore, girls can get teenage rhinoplasty at least one year after their first menstrual cycle. Conversely, it is recommended that adolescent boys get surgery at least after they are 16 years old. 

What is emotional maturity? Is it important?

When it is about a permanent change to your facial appearance, the plastic surgeons are wary of the emotional maturity of the candidate. 

By emotional maturity I mean, the candidate must be well-prepared for the change he aims for. He must be emotionally strong enough to bear the consequences of the surgery. However, if the best plastic surgeon at cosmeticoplasty senses otherwise, he will hold the procedure for the time being. 

Moreover, if there are any medical reasons associated with the surgery, parents must consent to the teenage rhinoplasty. However, if the sole basis for surgery is to fit the subjective beauty standards, surgery is not the right option. Instead, there is a need for correction of the idea of self-image and beauty standards. 

What to expect?

It is a general perception about nose job that the candidates expect to experience a drastic change in their appearance. Moreover, they think that they would not be able to recognize themselves. However, the rhinoplasty techniques are outstanding in giving you a natural post-surgical look. 

If you chose the best plastic surgeon in Lahore for teenage rhinoplasty, the best and natural results would be. For this visit cosmeticoplasty and book your appointment.

Pros and Cons

Following are some of the pros and cons of rhinoplasty to guide you for the best plastic surgery decision.


The surgery helps you get a nose that is fine and improves overall facial appearance. You can treat the large nasal hump, deformed nasal bridge, reduce the wise nostrils, and fix the drooping nasal tips. Furthermore, you can successfully have your deviated septum, cleft palate, and lip fixed. It works well in treating polyps and any structural abnormalities caused due to trauma or injury.


The cons of teenage rhinoplasty are primarily short-term. For example, the patient may have nose bleeding, swelling, numbness after the surgery. Furthermore, if you fail to choose an expert plastic surgeon in Lahore, you may have visible scarring on your nose and nerve damage as well. 

So if you are looking for rhinoplasty, you must choose the best plastic surgeon to avoid all the related risks. For this, you must visit the experts at cosmeticoplasty.