Most people experienced issues in wearing the specs during the events or parties that eventually spoiled their outfits. Do you know who resolved this issue by adventing the lenses? Italian Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci invented the lens in 1508 to address the issues of spectacles faced by the people. Leonardo created a beautiful transparent globe, considered a model for the human eye. After that, the observer put his face inside the globe, eventually leading the cornea to cover all the colored sections to showcase the completely neutralized. 

Over the last few years, our world switched from contact lenses to colored contact lenses, giving your eye a dramatic and elegant look. If you are interested in colored lenses, buy prescription colored contact lenses from Lenskart. They offer you an extensive range of colored lenses at an affordable price. However, you can also buy colored disposable contact lenses that enable you to put on a fresh pair of lenses every day. Additionally, they provide a most extensive selection of prescription premium glasses and sunglasses for women, men, and kids. Browsing their website is a good idea enabling you to explore their offering precisely. 

In this write-up, we’ll guide you through the meticulous application of colored contact lenses as most people are unfamiliar with their proper care and usage. Stay tuned to this write-up to all ins and outs of the colored contact lenses thoroughly. 

First-Time User Of Colored Contact Lenses? Here Is The Useful Guide: 

For first-time users wearing the contact lens can be pretty knotty, but once you master its caring and wearing guide, the process will become a cakewalk. Millions of people have left their eyeglasses and switched to lenses. So, let’s first get started with the step-by-step guide for how to put it in the eyes carefully

  1. First, ensure that you wash your hands with mild soap and water, which alleviates the risk of eye infections with the germs and bacteria in your hands. In addition, don’t use the soap that embodies fragrances and oil; otherwise, they’ll stick to the lens surface. 
  2. Let your hands fully dry; however, you can use a lint-free cloth or tissues to avoid the germs in your eyes. 
  3. You are ready to take out the lenses from your personalized storage case. Then, place the lens onto the tip of the index or middle finger. Make sure that you don’t use the nails while putting them on to avoid falling. 
  4. If the lens falls, you must again put this into the solution and then try to put it into the eyes. 
  5. Now, use your non-dominant hand to hold the upper eyelid to open it and pull down the lower eyelid by using the dominant hand’s middle and ring finger. 
  6. Place the lens on your eyeball. First, look before you and then up at the ceiling while setting the lenses. 
  7. After this, close your eyes and start rolling in a circle slowly and softly to settle the lens properly in the eyes. Besides, blink your eyes for a few minutes and check if the lens is in the central part of your eyes. 
  8. If the lens is in the correct position, you’ll feel comfortable, and in case the lens is not placed correctly, take it out and then put it on again.

You have to repeat the same procedure with the second lens. Buy prescription colored contacts from renowned brands like Lenskart. 

Colored Contact Lens & UV Rays

As per the researchers, excessive exposure to UV light leads to the development of cataract disease. It may also cause snow blindness, which is why the leading brand has developed the lenses containing a powerful UV blocking agent. However, no one can identify the lenses just by looking at whether it is protected from UV lights or not. Therefore, you should always buy the prescribed lenses; some branded packages disclose if the lens product has a UV blocker. When you buy the lenses from Lenskart, they give you the lenses containing the UV blocker that saves your eyes from sunburn. Otherwise, sunburn can damage our eyes to a greater extent—that is why it is better to protect your eyes from forming UV particles like pinguecula and pterygium. 

Steps to Take Out the Lenses Carefully

  1. Likewise, when putting the lenses, you must wash and dry your hands while taking them out. 
  2. Face towards the mirror and look before you to pull down the lower eyelid using the middle finger. 
  3. You have to slide the lens to the white portion of your eye through the index finger of your right hand. 
  4. Now, you must pinch the lens using the index finger’s pads and remove it from the eyes via the thumb. 
  5. The exact process will be repeated for the second eye lens.
  6. At last, keep the lens in the solution back and take it out whenever you want to use it. 

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