Guide to Renting a Mobility Scooter

Did you know the most common disability in the States is mobility? A lot of Americans have serious difficulty walking and climbing stairs. If you need to look at renting a mobility scooter, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over tips on finding the right scooter. Renting the right scooter will help you manage different mobility issues. There are some that you can fold into your vehicle.

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Why Do You Want a Scooter?

You might rent a scooter because you need mobility help. Mobility scooters are excellent and move across dirt, carpets, and other surfaces.

Consider renting a scooter if you’re limited with walking. You can charge the battery when needed and use it for a specific period. Don’t worry about dealing with a sore or hurting knee or back later.

If you’re shopping around for an aging loved one, ask them about their needs. Do they need the scooter for a certain event like an upcoming wedding?

Benefits of Renting a Scooter

Some people don’t have money to buy a scooter. Yet, you might need a scooter to get to different places. Renting a scooter will cost a lot less compared to purchasing a new unit.

Other people will choose to rent a scooter if they’re traveling. If you don’t have the room for your scooter in your vehicle, look at renting one instead.

Maintenance and repairs aren’t things you’ll need to worry about with a rental. You won’t end up stuck if your scooter has to get repaired.

Compact and Foldable Mobility Scooters

Some popular scooters include transportable boot scooters, and they can get collapsed or disassembled. For people who need to travel around, these are excellent portable options.

Instead of trying to jam a scooter into your vehicle, you could rent a transportable scooter.

You shouldn’t have a difficult time fitting it into the trunk of a regular-sized car. Some folding models become compact after you hit a specific button.

These scooters don’t weigh as much as other scooters. These scooters have a lightweight frame and a light battery.

Yet, they won’t have a significant travel distance, and there’s a lower weight capacity. The battery will need to get recharged more often.

Medium Mobility Scooters

A standard or medium-sized mobility scooter’s a versatile option. These scooters get made for outdoor and indoor use.

There’s a larger wheel size in these scooters, and they provide excellent maneuverability. They are stable compared to portable scooters.

They are heavier and aren’t as easy to transport because you can’t disassemble them.

You might not find a medium-sized model that will fit in a car. So if you choose to rent this kind of scooter, make sure you have an SUV or minivan to transport it.

Large Mobility Scooter

A full-size or large mobility scooter is an excellent option for people who have a lot of indoor space. If you want to move across different rooms indoors, choose this option.

You can use these scooters over rough terrain and longer distances. The maximum weight capacity tends to be up to 500 pounds, and they are durable.

The maximum speed ranges from four to eight miles per hour, and there’s a 20-mile battery range. You’ll want lots of space to store your full-sized scooter.

Do You Need a Heavy Duty Scooter?

A heavy-duty scooter is for people who live in a more rugged place. You could use this kind of scooter on terrain like a golf course.

The heavy-duty scooter will have ample ground clearance and can pass over rocks or other bigger things. They have large tires to withstand bangs and bumps.

What’s the Difference Between Four-Wheel or Three-Wheel Scooters?

A three-wheel scooter is a lot easier to use when turning on a sharp corner, and they are easier to fold and are more compact.

Four-wheel scooters will provide legroom and lots of stability. These kinds of scooters are more sturdy and comfy compared to three-wheel scooters.

Yet, there’s a bit of a learning curve with these kinds of scooters.

Start Looking for a Rental Spot

If you plan to rent a scooter, you’ll need to find a rental spot. Rent a mobility scooter in your area. Search online to find out if there are any rental stores.

You could also check rental locations for major scooter rental companies.

Should You Buy a Scooter?

Rent a mobility scooter if you only need one for the short term. Otherwise, you might want to consider buying a mobility scooter. This way, you can use it all the time.

Renting a mobility scooter will seem like a decent deal. Yet, costs can add up fast. Consider your current situation. Will you need to rent a scooter more than once or twice?

It might be worth it to buy a scooter. Some people will look for a secondhand scooter, as well.

Rent or Buy a Mobility Scooter Today

We hope this guide on renting a mobility scooter was helpful. Consider what kind of scooter would be suitable for your situation.

You might want a three-wheel scooter or one that can handle rough terrain. Do you have an SUV or van? You can fit a larger scooter in this vehicle.

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