There are many ways you can review an EMR system. You can go for the features and details mentioned on the official website, read the feedback left by the customers, or schedule a demo. All these three ways help understand the functioning and the capability of the vendor. But what if you review all these aspects in one go? Don’t you think it will give you a comprehensive and more detailed insight into the vendor? Want to learn how it works and how effective it is for decision-making? Buckle up yourselves. Here we are going to present a thorough review of Epic EMR.

 Epic EMR is a popular name in the healthcare industry as this vendor enjoys an unblemished reputation among practices and solo practitioners. This healthcare solution strives to boost the success level of practices by enhancing their productivity. Epic EMR software comes with a profound knowledge of a range of medical specialties and thus offers intuitive patient care services for all. In addition, it finely handles the clinical workflow by optimizing the billing and financial operations to lessen the workload on clinical administrators. 

There’s much more this article holds for you, so read till the end to discover meaningful insights. 

A Detailed Insight into Epic EMR Software

Reviewing the Features of Epic EMR

Epic helps medical professionals to help boost the core strength of patients leading to healthier future generations. It offers a series of solutions for engaging patients and assisting care professionals. Below we have listed the prime features offered by Epic EMR software: We compiled detailed facts about Epic EMR software features by consulting its website and also scheduling a live demo. Here you go:


MyChart is much more than a basic patient portal. It is not just about ensuring transparency in the treatment progress. Patients admitted to the hospitals can use it to stay in touch with their specialists by viewing their schedules and communicating with them. It is equipped with meaningful patient educational resources too to ensure managed healthcare leading to a smooth patient experience. 


It is associated with the workflow of medical practices. Epic EMR offers customizable workflows and dashboards for a low cost. The services included are tailored to fit, and flexible and thus breed a personalized clinical experience. There are predictive analysis and client decision support tools to provide value-based care. Then there are mobile apps to enhance clinical efficiency by keeping all patient records at your fingertips. 


Epic EMR has moved past the basics and features an innovative telehealth service. It not only allows for remote interactions with patients but offers specialists referral services too. In addition, physicians can utilize it for peer-to-peer consultations, and it even allows for real-time patient monitoring. Besides this, providers can leverage this robust telehealth tool to deliver ongoing patient care services. This service is an integral part of the Epic EMR software demo. 


The RCM solution of Epic EMR software works wonders even though it comes at a low cost. This solution works at its maximum potential to speed up the due payment collections by providing seamless financial assistance to care providers. It automates the revenue cycle with medical coding and consolidates the patient statement to highlight the outstanding balances. Also, it automates the claims management and reduces the A/R days to relax staff. 

Managed Care

It is a wholesome service instead of an exclusive feature. Epic EMR software demo illustrates how skillfully the vendor reduces the care gaps by featuring coordinated care delivery. First, it provides a unified database for customer relationship management features. Then there is a utilization management feature so physicians can offer point-of-care services. Lastly, there is an encrypted web portal so providers can interact effortlessly with the staff to view patient details. 

Reviewing the Cost Structure of Epic EMR

We detailedly reviewed the cost structure of Epic EMR software. The vendor comes with a monthly-subscription plan structure; however, the price tags are not listed on the website. Epic EMR charges an upfront cost for the license fee, which doesn’t include the maintenance fee. Care providers have to sign an annual contract to avail 24/7 system monitoring without any additional fee. An additional fee is charged for the added clinical services. Besides the monthly cost, users have to pay a one-time implementation fee to set up Epic EMR. 

Then there’s a separate fee charged for customization that varies on the level of customization required. An added cost is charged by Epic EMR software for data migration. Things that dictate the cost of data conversion are the complexity of the database, including demographics, medical history, and more. We collected all these points regarding the pricing structure of Epic EMR by evaluating the vendor’s reviews. There are chances that the latest price structure has changed, so you should request the price quote to learn the latest details.

Reviews of Epic EMR

There are many facts revealed by the reviews of Epic EMR software that you cannot learn otherwise. While going through the reviews, we found that the vendor is backed by an excellent customer satisfaction rate. Clients praise the customizability and flexibility level provided by this healthcare solution. Reviews of Epic EMR illustrate that this software helps practices scale with remote interactions and the interoperability services. Both these features help medical professionals step out of the location barriers to propel their business. 

Certainly, there are some downsides too highlighted in the reviews of Epic EMR software. But, these are negligible considering the exceptional capabilities of this EMR system. For instance, users say that the software should work on their customer support team. Sometimes the support team doesn’t respond in time which causes trouble for the physicians. You can find other best EHR software at Software Finder.


What do you think about this comprehensive review approach? Isn’t it a more effective technique to get delicate details to simplify the EMR selection process? We hope this detailed analysis of Epic EMR will help you understand the true potential of this solution. As we followed an all-in-one review approach, you learned everything about Epic EMR software at once. You can easily compare the services and reviews of the EMR with its cost structure to weigh whether it’s a worth investing option.