A Wedding Etiquette Guide for Guests

Are you a wedding guest wondering, “what do I do at a wedding?” Weddings can be exciting and fun but also a bit confusing and overwhelming at times. There are things to consider, and it can be easy to say the wrong thing or embarrass yourself when you are not sure what to do.

It doesn’t need to be this way! By knowing the proper wedding etiquette in advance, you will look like a pro. Here’s how you can impress your host during the celebration.

RSVP Promptly

It’s best to respond as soon as possible, especially if the wedding is coming soon. The couple needs to have an accurate headcount for the venue, food, and other preparations.

If the invitation includes an RSVP card, fill it out and send it back in the provided envelope. If the invitation asks you to RSVP online, make sure to do so within the specified time frame. Responding to the invitation in a timely manner is a simple yet important way to show respect and appreciation for the couple and their special day.

Dress Appropriately

The invitation or wedding website should have information on the dress code. If it’s a formal wedding, you might want to wear a suit or a nice dress. If it’s a beach wedding, you can opt for something lighter and more casual.

It’s always a good idea to dress up a bit, rather than dressing down. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable, and you’ll show the couple that you respect the importance of their special day.

Be Punctual

Being late can be disruptive and take away from the couple’s special moment. So, make sure to give yourself enough time to get to the ceremony location, find parking, and get seated.

If you know you’re going to be running late, call or text the couple or a wedding coordinator to let them know. Try to avoid arriving too early, as well. The couple might still be getting ready, and you don’t want to be in the way or add any unnecessary stress.

Stay Attentive

The speeches and toasts are usually heartfelt and sentimental moments that are important to the couple and their families. So, it’s a good idea to put away your phone and listen carefully to what the speakers have to say.

Remember, the speeches and toasts are a time for the couple and their families to express their love and appreciation. So, be a good listener and show your support by giving them your full attention during the wedding ceremony.

Give Gifts

In giving a wedding gift, it’s important to make it thoughtful, personal, and meaningful. Consider the couple’s preferences and interests, and check their wedding registry if they have one.

To add a personal touch, personally pick and purchase wedding gift boxes here or have the gift engraved with their names or their wedding date. A meaningful gift is often more memorable than something that’s just expensive, but it should be something that’s from the heart.

Show Your Outmost Love and Support by Following This Wedding Etiquette Guide

All in all, wedding etiquette is a way to show respect for others and the special event. As a wedding guest, make sure you familiarize yourself with the necessary etiquette for the ceremony and reception.

Hopefully, this guide helped you better understand the dos and don’ts. Follow these steps, and you’ll be a courteous guest! Now that you know the proper etiquette, come share your experiences as a wedding guest with us!

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