While sports betting is a lucrative hobby, many people get into it with little to no experience. What’s even worse, these people place bets with little to no prior research. People love to sports bet and watch the teams they love, butfew people actually know why they’re betting.

With modern technology, sports betting is even more accessible than before. In addition, we’re flooded daily by ads for “risk-free” and “no-brainer” betting. These ads make sports gambling seem like fun and games. On the contrary, uninformed sports betting has serious consequences on the lives of millions of Americans every year.

Sports bettors who don’t gather sufficient data before placing their bets tend to make more and more risky bets, in the hopes that they will strike it rich one day. Despite the fact that most people are prepared for the possibility of losing a bet, it’s natural to get angry and frustrated – then place another bet to increase the odds that you will win at least one of your bets. This inevitably turns into a slippery slope towards a full-blown gambling addiction. Often, as a result of this risky behavior, sports enthusiasts risk losing their livelihoods. Informed betting driven by accurate analytics helps sports enthusiasts to place winning bets without placing themselves in high-risk situations.

Betting can be nerve-wracking, especially when the results are unpredictable. For instance, in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, South Africa was competing with Japan. While South Africa had won the title of world champion twice in a row, Japan had been in a slump for 24 years – the team hadn’t won a world cup match since 1991. Needless to say, the South African team wasn’t just expected to win, it was a guarantee. The odds against Japan were so high that people couldn’t even picture them winning another match – let alone one against the world champion. In fact, experts estimated that the odds of Japan winning were only 1.05. In other words, bettors would have to put down $20 for the chance of winning $1. Backing South Africa seemed like a safe bet, so people placed hundreds, even thousands, of dollars down in favor of South Africa.

Bettors all over the world were dismayed when Japan defeated South Africa by 34 points to 32, in a historic win. Although you can never predict a win with 100% accuracy, using data to inform the bets you place increases the chances that you will make a winning bet.

Although betting always involves an element of risk, with the right information bettors can boost their chances of success. Without the right data, you’ll be up against unpredictable outcomes and conniving bookmakers who are out to make money for themselves.Bookmakers tend to have an advantage over their clients since they set the odds and lines. Most bookmakers create conditions that make it close to impossible for the average bettor to make any real money from their bets in the long run. To keep the fans happy, bookmakers will help them win the occasional bet here and there. However, consistently making a profit from sports betting is very challenging.

Austin Cahoon created ACEmpires to give sports bettors an analytical edge over the bookmakers. ACEmpires provides sports enthusiasts with data driven analytics to help bettors around the world profit through sports betting while watching all the sports teams they love.

The services at ACEmpires are built entirely on data to give people the best chance at winning.

Austin’s father was involved with the 49ERS as a kid and so he absolutely loved sports and played sports his whole life. After high school he had a few friends who were sports betting and it seemed like they were always losing. They loved it, they were having fun, but they weren’t winning much. So, Austin started studying betting trends, set up an account and flipped a few hundred dollars into about $22,000 within a few short months. He continued to grow that account and was simply using it for fun cars and fun trips.

People began to ask him how he was affording these things and he realized he should turn it into an actual business so that other sports fans like him could enjoy the benefit.

ACEmpires sells based on proven data and knowledge and gives the power to the client so that they can make an educated decision before they wager their hard-earned money.

Sports fans all over the world can access this service through Instagram. Alternatively, you can find more information at Brand Army. Here, you’ll get one-click access to daily analytics.