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When a group of people interacts with an individual for the very first time or a firm interviews someone, the next question after the name is mostly that “Where are you from?” Country or the residential location always holds importance as it helps the other party in making a rough estimate about the soul. However, in businesses, address verification does not create any sort of estimate about customers but delivers authentic results. Verifying address of a client with AI-driven software and authenticating other profile aspects with different KYC solutions is not an option, keeping the current scenarios of different marketplaces in mind. 

The service of address verification in the customer due diligence contributes to several other areas just like any other IDV solution. The KYC compliance is incomplete without the particular automated solution, it enables the business to be on guard constantly and without the address verification through digital systems any scammer or impersonator with even a moderate set of skills would also get them. 

Brief Overview

The most difficult task in a business organisation is supposed to acquire new customers but in reality, the real challenge is to satisfy and retain them throughout. Address verification helps out enterprises in that. Customers may spend a considerable amount of time before choosing a product of a particular firm but might not think twice before terminating their services. The address verification solution is there to ensure that the level of a firm in a customer’s mind merely enhances with time.

Other than that the particular KYC system is also essential to overpower scammers. During the preliminary customer authentication, address verification validates the customer against global data registers so the entity can be satisfied that the customer onboarding won’t go against regulatory compliance. The recognition of blacklisted zones or high-risk nations by the European Union is seamless in the address verification of a customer. 

Retention of Clients

Before indulging in anything or choosing a product or service, there is always a second option in the mind of a customer in the form of a backup. This is how customers function. For instance, if a person goes to dine out and the first place is crowded, he will move on to the other one that he had in mind as a second option. 

Similarly if confirming the shipping address or other requirement is looking tedious, the client would withdraw the online shopping cart and will visit some other site. The service of address verification makes sure that the backup in the minds of customers remains the second option that is not thought of. 

The address verification system contributes to the customer management by confirming their real locations swiftly so they can receive their orders within the due time, a large section of customer complaints gets seamlessly avoided due to address verification through AI-powered solutions. The service of address verification has a huge impact on the organisational structure of online businesses and logistics. 

Fraud Detection

Limitations regarding client onboarding by the government are considered by financial institutes and e-commerce but many are not following them effectively. The prime reasons are the skillful impersonators and the mediums through which any individual can forge his/her ID to bypass address verification and other online KYC checks. 

To bypass address verification or anything, a customer does not need to be a sophisticated fraudster, by only having a sufficient amount, one can succeed. The scale of frauds through the dark web is compelling organisations to enhance their KYC compliance. 

Global compatibility support of numerous languages and document types streamline the address verification and other checks. Plus the universal coverage of multiple data registers and the group of thousands of AI models makes the client due diligence authentic and brief. 

The process of address verification also includes an AI-powered check of the client’s face with great precision. To validate an address of a client, the document authentication supported by a biometric check eliminates all possibilities of forged IDs. 

For the prevention of money laundering also, address verification makes a decent contribution. The confirmation of birth or residing location in no time enables the concerned firm or financial institute to design an accurate risk profile. Even if the customer is clean in AML screening but belongs to a nation in some prohibited or warning list, an entity can be more vigilant. 

Wrapping Up

The process of address verification is key to improving the customer experience. Online solutions make customer management way more efficient and swift. They are extremely essential for fraud prevention as well. Address verification is an integral part of KYC compliance and is fated for every business.

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