Citrix Training

Because of the pandemic, businesses are experiencing a significant change from physical workspaces to software-defined workspaces. That provides working individuals with the flexibility to work on almost any device with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Most organizations equip their staff with devices to carry out the work assigned by the company. These devices, also known as mobile devices, are increasingly ubiquitous in offices. They increase productivity but also pose a significant threat to management, security, and compliance. 

The Role Of Enterprise Mobility Management

A complete EMM solution can assist companies in attaining the entire range of mobility advantages and can help in removing the threats of mobility. Enterprise mobility management systems, also known as EMM, are a collection of technologies, procedures, and regulations designed to protect and control the usage of corporate and employee-owned mobile devices within a company. EMM is continuously developing to suit a diverse range of device platforms and workplace mobility trends.

What is Citrix Endpoint Management?

Citrix Endpoint Management, also known as CEM, is a Citrix training for Enterprise Mobility systems. With CEM, professionals help businesses in handling large numbers of user endpoints and ensure that employees work safely from any device. The services provided by Citrix trainees are becoming increasingly relevant as the use of EMM grows. These professionals can assist IT in streamlining endpoint administration by providing a single, consolidated view of device configurations, use restrictions, and other information.

Mentioned below are some benefits of Citrix training and how it can help in better administration and management of Enterprise Mobility systems.

Helps in enhancing mobile productivity 

Citrix Endpoint Management is a complete solution for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and mobile customer experience. 

With a Citrix certificate, you can help your employers by:

  • Providing a simplified management system that has a single console to configure, monitor, guard, and support different user devices and internet-of-things assets.
  • Providing better-than-native mobile applications with secure applications that combine ready-to-use features with encryption and micro VPN technologies for the security of an enterprise.  
  • Reducing friction by enabling mobile single sign-on to all applications and business processes tools.
  • Allowing mobilization of content with features like mobile view, edit, and share on Citrix platform.

Facilitates mobile application management 

With Citrix Endpoint Management training, learners can help companies get more specified control and policy application through Mobile Application Management (MAM). 

You can:

  • Prevent leaks by using a distinct mobile container for business software and information that is encrypted, DLP-enabled, and has a selective mobile wipe ability.
  • Maintain real-time security by performing compliance checks to confirm the device’s location, status, and network connection before granting access.
  • Apply MAM rules to native mobile applications and SaaS, including third-party app stores.

Aids the Bring Your Device (BYOD) system

Employee-owned endpoints can be turned into an asset rather than a danger with the proper security and management level. Citrix Endpoint Management enables you to encourage independence while reducing IT stress. 

This training can help you do the following:

  • Respect employee privacy by restricting IT access to corporate applications rather than the full device to secure company data without compromising personal information.
  • Allow any endpoint to administer rules and enforce security across any sort of device users choose to use from a single location.
  • Increase productivity with a consumer-style business app store and a self-service support website.

Strengthens zero-trust policy 

Citrix Endpoint Management training supports your organization’s zero-trust policy by allowing you to validate all forms of access, regardless of where it originates. This facilitates you in the following:

  • Control access to SaaS, online, and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops using SSO; robust authentication; any-directory integration; and controls to prohibit the dangerous use of unsanctioned SaaS and web apps are all possible.
  • Helps to confirm encrypted security with cross-platform compliance checks, automatic locating of lost devices, complete and selective remote wipe, and app allow/blocklists.
  • Use real-time monitoring and analytics to discover and resolve security issues as they emerge.

If you are interested in having professional Citrix training for EMM, you can opt for the Citrix Endpoint Management Enterprise Training by RPS consulting. This course includes mobile device management, mobile application management, and secure productivity. 

Citrix Endpoint Management ensures that the easy, productive, and secure Citrix Workspace experience accompanies employees wherever they go. Citrix Endpoint Management offers a contemporary approach to managing performance, maintaining security, and assisting employees in getting more done on every device they use.

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