If you are running a website or a small online business, you would need a good hosting service to host your website.

VPS hosting is one of the most popular types of hosting services for growing online businesses. [1] VPS hosting is beneficial for websites as it features a lot of advantages compared to a shared server.

WordPress is commonly used for hosting websites. Apart from this, it is also used for online businesses, e-commerce websites, corporate intranets, and big publishing houses as well.

This means you have to make sure that your server has everything that it takes to deal with WordPress and ensures smooth functioning and improved performance.

Let’s take a look at the following and find out how Serverwala’s Turkey VPS would be beneficial in dealing with WordPress.

What is a  Serverwala Turkey VPS and how is it different from shared hosting?

A Turkey VPS hosting service is very much like a dedicated server or a standalone server. With Virtual Private Server, the users would get a part of a server that would be fully dedicated to them. Mostbet in Turkey

In simpler words, a VPS Turkey would create a virtual environment that would act as a dedicated server. Just like a dedicated server, you would get all the server and its resources all by yourself. Users would get more space, more flexibility at a higher price than a shits server.

With a shared server, users would be sharing the server with hundreds of other website owners. There are limited resources and they would be shared with many users. Several websites would run on the same server as yours and they all would share the same IP address as well.

So the performance of one website would affect all the other websites. With limited resources and shared services, the price for the shared server plans would be very low. It would be ideal for websites that just started and lack finances.

A shared server is ideal for a website that has simpler content that doesn’t change for anyone. Startup websites and bloggers would find it that. On the other hand, a Turkey VPS hosting would be perfect for small online businesses, small e-commerce websites, and personal blogs.[2] 

Serverwala Turkey VPS Hosting Advantages for businesses

If you work with WordPress then VPS hosting in Turkey is your best option. The VPS hosting has better means to deal with WordPress and ensures a great performance of your website. It’s clear that VPS is more expensive than a shared server, but the extra money is totally worth it given the great performance and reliability.

Serverwala is a leading hosting provider that offers a great VPS hosting service in Turkey. They have made sure their clients get everything they are looking for. Their clients would get the following advantages for WordPress websites.

Better Performance

One of the reasons you should opt for Serverwala VPS hosting in Turkey is better performance.

Since you would be using Turkey VPS hosting, you would get more resources that you can use for yourself only. This would make sure you never lack the resources for your growing website. The VPS is also faster than a shared server. So the website owners would get a reliable speed for their website.

Since you are not sharing your server with anyone else, your web site’s performance will no longer get affected by the performance of other websites. So whether it’s the huge traffic or the need for more resources, your website would handle it all.

Better Security

The clients also choose Turkey VPS hosting because it offers way better security than a shared server. You should know that a shared server won’t be as good as a VPS hosting in Turkey when it comes to providing a secure environment.

With a shared server, you share the server with hundreds of other websites, and you never know who your neighbors are. Since you would be sharing the IP address, the online risk of data theft and compromise increases.

With VPS hosting, you would be less vulnerable to hackers and bots than with the shared server.

More Flexibility

With VPS, you would own the server and run it on your own. This ensures higher flexibility. Users can customize the server according to their needs and preferences. Users will get several choices when it comes to the Operating System or Control Panel, among other things.

Here, the users would also be able to install software and web applications as they like and seem fit. They would be given full root access which gives you full control. So there won’t be any limitations or issues when it comes to installing web applications or software for your online business.

More Uptime and Less Downtime

Serverwala VPS hosting Turkey provides 99.99% uptime. This ensures fast uptime and zeroes downtime. So your website would load faster and it would be available all the time.


What you should know before moving from shared to Turkey VPS hosting?

If you have decided to switch to VPS hosting from a shared server, then you need to know the following things.

1.. Find a Suitable VPS Provider

You should know that the performance of VPS hosting would vary from one provider to another. Each provider offers different kinds of services and offers. So you need to make sure to find a good VPS provider that can meet your needs.

Serverwala, as we have said earlier, is the leading VPS provider in Turkey that ensures all the necessary features.

2.. Migration Services

Make sure that you are choosing a VPS service that can offer the migration service (for free).

When you migrate from one plan to another your website may face downtime and it also requires technical skills as well. When you are provided with a migration service, you won’t have to face such things.

3.. Managed VPS

The VPS hosting is of two types generally, one is Managed and the other one is Unmanaged.

As the name says, the managed Turkey VPS would be fully managed by the provider whereas the unmanaged would require all the skills, knowledge, and experience to manage it. 

Why is Serverwala’s VPS Server the Best in Turkey?

As we have said earlier, Serverwala is one of the best hosting provider companies in Turkey.

Serverwala provides several hosting services like shared server, VPS server, Dedicated Server, Colocation, and more in Turkey and other parts of the world. They are known to provide reliable, flexible, and scalable services for your website.

Serverwala provides an economical solution for hosting. They feature a lot of amazing offers and plans in different price ranges as well. Clients can pick a plan that meets their needs as well as fits their budget.

Serverwala offers the following features with their VPS hosting plans:

  • 99.99% uptime
  • Fast network speed
  • SSD Disk Drives
  • Full Root Access
  • 24/7 customer support
  • DDoS protection

Customer Reviews

Serverwala has clients all across the world. They have received some amazing reviews from their customers as well.


If you are using WordPress then VPS hosting is one of the best options for you. It would ensure the desired performance and smooth functioning of your website. If you want to deal with WordPress, you must look for the best hosting service. Serverwala is one such leading Turkey VPS hosting service provider [3][4] that comes with a lot of advantages when dealing with wordpress metabox. So it’s safe to say that Serverwala is one of the best VPS providers in Turkey to invest in.

VPS Hosting is not a hosting service, it a type of web hosting used to host websites private website is not the right word to use better use personal blogs insteadserverwala is not a vps hosting serviceserverwala is a vps hosting provider or you can say vps hosting service provider.

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