5 adventures to do in your Shimla Manali Trip, 2021

Shimla Manali Trip

Shimla and Manali are exclusive winter chill locations that invite tourists during the summer time. The beauty of snow-clad mountains is incomparable which is perhaps why most of the travellers feel drawn to.

The mountains along with the green forests that pack its slopes gives you a poster perfect backdrop alluring you to just enjoy these breathtaking views. And yes, there is more to just awe-inspiring views. The snow, the valley and the rivers give you a plethora of choices to indulge in a variety of sports activities ranging from paragliding to rafting.

Yes, keep getting that adrenaline rush as you explore the thrilling trekking, paragliding and other adventures with your loved ones. Shimla, Manali trip can be a great vacation for you, if you include these five sporty adventures. Do check along the weather conditions and may pre-book on your activities, to ensure that you are able to get the most excitement out of it.

Paragliding in Shimla

Shimla is a great hill station where thousands of tourists flock every summer. Home to views of majestic snow covered mountains, pristine blue sky, gushing foaming waters and the lush green patches, Shimla, treasures the essence of natural beauty in its unadulterated form and in case you are wanting to enjoy this view from a height, there can be no better option than to choose paragliding.

Yes, Shimla offers many spots where paragliding training is provided. Solang Valley and Bijli Mahadev are the popular destinations which are generally crowded all year long. If you want a quiet , less crowded one, try out Fatru.

Trainers will help you ace the art of paragliding, helping you to learn buoyancy and other factors to your advantage. Generally, tandem paraglide is chosen where a professional accompanies you through your twenty minute journey. But once you get a command over it, you can also go for your solo ride. Do include this fantastic sports while planning your Shimla Manali Tour package.

River Rafting in Shimla

Some sports activities leave an indelible mark in your memories. River rafting is one such adventure sport. Gushing along the rapids as you slowly sway your path through the sidewalks of greenery is a unique experience. And if you want to experience all this you can opt for river rafting in Shimla.

The beas river gives you a great bed of waters along its 20 kilometers stretch, making it ideal for even newbies to learn and enjoy this sport. Hop into the location of Pirdi and Jhiri and then enjoy the raft ride.

What is great about the river raft here is that the waters are ideal for amateurs and hence can be thoroughly enjoyed with trained professionals. Short and long trail options are available including the ride, photography and sometimes some diving experience. Though the rafts usually run in groups, you can choose how many people you want to travel with.

Kufri Adventure Park

There is something amazing about having adventure amidst the forest, and that is exactly what Kufri has to offer. Set in the middle of the lush forest, the canopy gives way for a park which vouches for a thrilling and exciting feel. Play along in the 20 plus joyrides that cater to all age groups and give yourself some treasurable memories.

There are umpteen things that can catch your attention as you stroll through the park. Unleash your adventure enthusiasm by indulging in various activities like spine thrilling bungee jumping and various rope exercises. Those who love car races can explore the Go Karting activity here.

Additionally, a lot of other gaming activities are present like the amazing wave train and mini skater promising you a fun day along with your loved ones. Kufri Adventure Park gives you something different apart from sightseeing, which makes your trip to Shimla all the more memorable.

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