Aircrafts Electromechanical Component are becoming smarter, faster and more complex with the advent of new technologies and discoveries. Electromechanical component systems or EMACs have emerged as an increasingly important tool for aircraft maintenance. A recent white paper published by the Navy’s Center for Naval Aviation (CNAv) described the need to streamline existing Electronic Management Authority (EMAC) systems and make them more automated in order to perform more specific tasks. The paper also highlighted several benefits of incorporating automated EMAC systems into existing aircraft.

The future of the aviation industry looks strong with the introduction of new technologies like the Electromechanical Systems Information Integration (EMSI) and Automatic Electrically Controlled Data Acquisition System (ADDA). It is anticipated that nearly all Navy aircraft will run on one or more Enhanced Mobility Air Equipment (EME) devices by 2021. These modular or flexible systems will provide aircraft with additional capabilities such as increased fuel efficiency, reduced vibration, and increased agility. Future aircrafts may also be outfitted with additional electronic systems such as weapon systems and communication devices.

The future of air transportation is also promising with the emergence of ultra-lightweight and high-speed electric powered airplanes. Electric aircrafts are predicted to make significant gains in speed, range and fuel economy. These innovative technologies are expected to completely revolutionize the airline industry by replacing most passenger aircraft and increasing commercial airline capacity.

Today, there are a number of developments taking place at the industrial level to make these ultra lightweight electric aircrafts even more durable. These developments are resulting in highly functional aircrafts that can fly in any weather condition. Electromechanical systems can be incorporated into the structure of modern aircraft as well. For example, composite panels, lightweight struts, landing gear and flaps are some of the components being used to construct highly functional aircrafts. The composite panels are constructed from lightweight materials and their hollow interior is filled with highly conductive foam. These panels are highly effective in providing structural support and they can be used for constructing any kind of aircraft structure.

The system of aircraft engines is another area that is being transformed due to advances in the field of electronics. Nowadays, the airframe and engine packaging can be made from highly effective electronic components like GSR Couplings, Power Electronics Unit (PU) and Motor Power Distribution Unit (MPU). The Electronic Communication System (ECS) uses electromagnetic impulses for data transfers. The power electronics provides the requisite signals required for controlling the various mechanical parts of an aircraft. Most of these powerful electronic components have the ability to tolerate minor disturbances and vibrations and they can perform even under harsh weather conditions.

It is very important to select the right type of aircraft EMF protection device for protection against electromagnetic radiation emitted by aircraft engines. The choice of the device depends upon various factors like the type of aircraft, frequency of operation, the course of use and the nature of the work to be done on the aircraft. Generally, aircraft owners prefer electronic components like GSR Couplings and Power Electronics Unit (PPU) for aircraft engines. However, many top manufacturers of aircraft accessories have started introducing electromagnetic shield devices to provide maximum safety to pilots, passengers and aircraft materials against electromagnetic frequencies emitted by aircraft engines.

Some of the companies in the market offer various products such as GSR Couplings, Power Electronics Unit (POU) and Motor Power Distribution Unit (MPU) all of which are highly effective in providing electromagnetic protection to the users. These devices are capable of controlling systems like Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBF), Electronic Engine Control (EEC) and throttle response. They also play a vital role in preventing electromagnetic disturbances. These devices can also minimize the frequency of radio frequency emissions from power lines, communications lines and from aircraft engines.

The importance of an aircrafts electromagnetic component should not be underestimated. It is very necessary for aircrafts to operate smoothly and safely at all times. This is possible only if these components are effectively installed and working. So, the manufacturers should focus more on providing cost-effective solutions and installation services for GSR Couplings and MPU to ensure the maximum protection of the equipments.

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