It doesn’t matter if it’s marketing, commerce, or a business. If you’re selling on Instagram, we’ve covered the whole issue of selling on Instagram for you.

There are approximately 1 billion Instagram users worldwide, and approximately 800 million of these users follow their business profiles. This shows us clearly that this social media channel should be on the priority list of marketers. Regardless of your target audience, if you create a good marketing strategy on Instagram, you can be sure that you will get positive feedback as a result of your efforts.

So,  ‘ How is this going to happen? I’m sure this question has crossed your mind. ‘How do we reach target audiences?’ Here are five different ways to achieve this!

Interacting with your followers!

In general, the keyword in social media channels has always been interaction. The aim here is to establish healthy communication with the followers. When they are interested in your submissions, it is necessary to respond to customers, resolve their questions, and sometimes find solutions to complaints. This approach ensures that the followers leave you satisfied, and one-to-one communication strengthens the connection between you and the followers. Through this interaction, your want to build more followers then go to Instant viral and Buy Instagram followers UK at a very cheap rate. Instant viral is the best site for Instagram services.

Well, won’t it be difficult to reply to all followers?

This can put you in a very difficult situation, especially if you are new to Instagram. Don’t worry, you don’t have to manually reply to every single comment or message. Knowing this may have given you a little relief.

Instagram has a feature called ‘ Quick Replies’  that you can use to send a templated message to your followers. You can access this feature from the Settings tab. From here you will be prompted to add a shortcut code with your relevant message template and once you hit the ‘ Save’ button the world will become much easier for you!

Choosing the right title and hashtag

Important for every marketer; The point we want to draw attention to is that these choices are decided very carefully in branches such as press releases, blogs, and brochures. You have to be very meticulous to find the most relevant and eye-catching headline for your Instagram posts. It’s a good idea to stay away from overly serious or too vague titles. I say find the middle way, as our elders suggested!

It should be a title that will convince your followers to take action. Along with all of them, of course, you should think of something that is compatible and effective with your brand and image. Remember; The end of anything that is competent in its beginning becomes unthinkable and mystical, just like in fairy tales…

Besides titles, your tags are also of great importance and play a vital role in getting your posts discovered by your target audience. When your followers search for specific topics, the results come out as a mix of Instagram profiles and hashtags, so if you opt for hashtags that appear in search results, posts will be more likely to be seen and attract attention. Thus, the audience we want to reach can like your posts or messages, and you can become a follower by navigating your profile.

If you don’t have any idea or clue about which hashtag to choose, you can review your competitors’ Instagram profiles and get an idea. E.g; Let’s say you have a waffle shop in Istanbul, you might want to search the popular waffle shops in this location and examine the hashtags they use in the Waffle Project, such as #instawaffle, #istanbulwaffle, adapt them to your own theme and benefit from these ideas.

In this way, you will discover new lights that can illuminate your dark path.

Catch intimacy with Instagram stories!

Nearly 400 million users watch Instagram Stories every day; therefore, it will be to your advantage to use this feature to promote your brand. Unlike your posts on your profile page, stories only last 24 hours and are generally more comfortable and personal to use. the story of your brand; You can try telling it in many different ways, using photos, videos, boomerangs, filters, stickers, GIFs, or emojis.

This can be a great way to show and promote real, authentic, behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your business. Let’s make these stories more descriptive by giving examples; a restaurant presentation showing how the chefs use their magic in the kitchen, a florist presentation with the designs of the wonderful bouquets, a brand presentation as the models prepare to take the runway, etc.

Stories like this one have captivated the Instagram world. With your choices, you can bring your followers closer to your brand in the same way. Why not be one of the enchanting brands?

Another surprising thing about Instagram stories is; You can appeal to more audiences by allowing users to tag your brand. Once they do, you will see a notification in your direct messages tab and you will have the opportunity to repost your own posts along with those stories.

As a result, you will have discovered the greatest way to show how much your brand is loved and interested. Do not forget this! When your story is published by users who use social media activity and have an impact on certain audiences, you will not believe the progress and speed you have made!

Instagram Live

Unlike stories, Instagram Live is recorded in real-time. This allows you to engage your target audience more and more effectively. You can host a live show, a Q&A session, or a vlog. You can also cover a live event. What matters to your audience is that you share the moment with them.

Don’t forget to check comments from your followers, approve feedback and answer questions!