Murals are beautiful wall art pieces that have the potential to accentuate the look of any space. You can decorate the desired wall and flaunt your unique style with these remarkable creative paintings.

However, even talented artists fall short of new ideas. It thus becomes challenging to recreate an enticing appearance using mural paints and novel concepts every time. 

So, if you are looking for fresh mural ideas, this article can be a source of inspiration. Here are some of the most trendy and new mural concepts to help create an eye-catching effect.

Pick a Large-size Mural Design

Be it a ceiling or wall, one of the best ideas to create a cohesive look is a blend of the following combo:

  • A huge single art design
  • A solo dark colour for the background

Here’s the trick. Paint your walls with a darker shade, preferably on the lines of crimson red or maroon. Draw a large mural art at the centre of your wall.

Use the same colour for the painting as well. This way, the attention will go toward the main object.  

Use Bold and Dynamic Colours

Sometimes, the use of vibrant colours can highlight architectural features on your wall. For this purpose, you can utilise the following shades:

  • Paprika orange
  • Yellow
  • Chilli pepper red

Such warm-coloured mural paints can offer a fresh look to your living space. Notably, geometric designs or abstract art proves most effective in this case.

Try to match the artistic design with various edge features on your wall.

Use Digital Painting Related to Nature 

Leaves, trees, and shrubs can offer a soothing look to your wall or ceiling. For this purpose, you can explore the USD 65 billion art market and gather painting ideas.

A good approach can be to leverage digital mural painting technology for recreating vintage murals.

For this purpose, your wall background should be light. This concept can work well in sleeping spaces as well. In addition, such a design gives you the opportunity to experiment with the furniture setup.

Follow a Plain Scenic Mural Concept

A simple and soothing blue mural on your wall can set the scene of a vast sea. Add minimal elements like fishes or ships and create a unique interior space.

This background can complement a gold frame for paintings or photographs. This way, the highlight will definitely be on the hanging objects.

Moreover, your choice of colours for mural art is significant in creating an artistic effect. Hence, ensure that you follow consistency and buy rich colours from reliable retailers.

In a Nutshell

Be it the kids’ room or hallway; murals have a magnificent aura to reflect your artistic style. Notably, the choices for mural paintings are limitless. Hence, you can experiment with such concepts as per your mood and requirement.

In some cases, you can even follow a seamless mural look with a single pattern. For this purpose, ensure that the colour combination of your wall and the main object is compatible. 

You can experiment with abstract, natural, geometric, soothing, or vibrant mural ideas. Be sure to match your furniture and objects with the background. 

Choosing the right paint for mural work becomes crucial. The colours are vital in accentuating the features of your interior space. Hence, ensure that you only purchase such paints from reputed dealers.