Ammolite Jewelry Styling Guide: Know How To Style Yourself With The Mystical Aura Of Fossilized Beauty

Ammolites are a rare speciality obtained from the fossilized shells of extinct sea creatures known as Ammonites. Among all the other excavations of Amonite foundations, it is only the Bearpaw Formation in Alberta, Canada, with quality Amolites. The organic gemstone’s exclusive features make it to the top list of people wanting the same in the form of Ammolite jewelry.  

Available in dazzling colors and patterns, you can always decide to swear by an Ammolite gemstone in jewelry form and be the star of the show. However, when it comes to the styling part, people are quite confused. As a steady guide here, you have complete know-how. 

Your Personal Ammolite Jewelry Buying Guide

With bright iridescent, and rainbow-like features, the Ammolite jewelry will surely draw your attention. However, you do need to remain mindful of the counterfeits and continue watching for factors that authenticate its uniqueness. 

Buy From Reputable Sources

Fake Ammolites made of polymer clay will always cost you less, while the authentic ones might cost a fortune. Conduct thorough research about the seller and read reviews by genuine customers. Look for AA and AAA quality Ammolite to reap the most benefits. 

Focus On The Color Play

The most interesting fact about Ammolite is its opal-like color play. Real Ammolite will display changing colors that originate through light interference, rebounding from the stacked layer of the stone itself. Top-graded Ammolite jewelry will always display spectro-chromatic or dichromatic color shifts. In dichromatic, you can see a shift from one color to the other, certainly from red to green. In spectro-chromatic, there is a display of various colors.  

Rotational Range

A real Ammolite in your jewelry will have no blind spots where the color will fade. The rotational range of an Ammolite describes the various hues you notice on rotating the gemstone. Not all Ammolite comes with a great rotational range. The best ones have a range of 360 degrees, while the lesser ones have a narrow range of 90 degrees or less. 

Consider Rare Colors

Real Ammolite gemstones will have certain rare color combinations that you will not find otherwise. While red, green, orange, and amber are common colors in the same, you must consider looking for rare colors purple and blue. Also, consider the hues derived from primary colors: golden yellow, crimson, turquoise, pink, and violet.  

Ammolite Jewelry Styling Guide: Know How To Style Yourself 

The Ammolite gemstones stand at a range of 3.5 – 4 on the Mohs hardness scale. These are sold in doublet and triplet forms to convert them into jewelry. 

Ammolite Jewelry Types

Before you get into styling, let’s help you with the various Ammolite jewelry types. 

  • Ammolite Rings
  • Ammolite Pendant
  • Ammolite Earrings
  • Ammolite Bracelet
  • Ammolite Necklace

Tips For Styling Your Ammolite Jewelry

Here are some tips on styling up the rarest and most exclusive find.

  • Save Ammolite jewelry for the special day: 

Ammolite looks all sturdy and strengthened. However, these dainty pieces are notoriously famous for being delicate. So avoid wearing them daily and bring out the best on special occasions. Wear it during the night, as long as the weather outside is balanced, not too chilly or humid. 

  • Dress up and style accordingly:

Given you have so many options in Ammolite jewelry. You can always choose one according to the dress type. Also, consider the occasion and the time of the day. You can always select a stud with a pendant when choosing among earrings. Try to go solo with teardrop earrings, which will help you get an elongated structure around the neck. 

  • Dress your best with With Ammolites:

Stick to your personal preference and what suits you best. Ammolite has been in families for generations, and there is no particular trend that will be able to fit its elegance and style. Whether a heavy dress or a simple gown, your Ammolute jewelry is here to amp up the overall experience.   

Take Care Of Your Ammolite Jewelry

Caring for Ammolite is not at all challenging. All you need to do is be mindful while using it and follow a planned regime. 

  • Avoid wearing it under harsh sunlight or when it is freezing outside. 
  • Also, once done wearing the jewelry, wipe it off with a soft cloth and store it inside the box. 
  • Because it is a precious stone that you have, maintain a separate box or pouch for storage. 
  • Use mild jewelry cleanser to clean off the germs and dirt from your Ammolite stone. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners for best results. 


That is all about your personal Ammolite jewelry styling guide. Do be careful when investing in precious gemstones like Ammolite. Also, Ammolites are known for their healing nature, and by buying one, you are getting ready to be a part of a whole journey.