The pandemic Covid-19 has left a huge impact on all spheres of people’s lives. Many people have lost their family members, triggering a huge series of impact in their lives. Other than this, the dynamics of work and running a business also have changed drastically. In the wake of Covid, it has become mandatory for all businesses to become responsive and to adapt to changing circumstances quickly. Even the well-established businesses are finding it difficult to make it through the pandemic. And just like that, various digital marketing agencies are also struggling for survival and sustainability.

Even if the pandemic is erased completely today, its effects will keep effecting for quite some time. Therefore, as a good business strategy, businesses have reframed their digital marketing goals to make it through the pandemic without a shut down.

As the whole world was shut down, forcing everyone to become socially isolated. Digital marketing can become a launching for new initiatives. However, the digital marketing domain itself underwent various changes.

This article provides an insight about how the COVID-19 has left impact on digital marketing agencies.

1.      Getting brands human understandable

Marketing agencies devise various communication strategies for different brands and businesses. Locked inside their homes, people tend to spend more time in surfing internet and different shopping hubs. So, people’s perception and angle for viewing brands has changed. Their expectations from brands have undergone a shift.   Hence, businesses must change the way they appear to their customers. Instead of being seen as a venue for only sales, commerce and business, brands should appear more connectable, relatable, and humane. Therefore, digital marketing agencies are more focused in humanizing brands presence online. This would help them cultivate a healthy and durable relationship with their customers. Hence, instead of cold corporate strategies, new strategies of warmth and empathy have to be inculcated to remain more sustainable and relevant.

2.      Shifting to remote working

The work dynamics have changed completely in the wake of Covid-19. Due to social distancing, more and more companies are adopting remote or virtual working, which means employees should stay at home, and do work online. While some businesses came to halt digital marketing agencies saw an increase in business because all of a sudden all businesses wanted their online presence to be impactful. The lockdown has pushed digital marketing agencies to revamp and redesign their work approach. Therefore, digital marketing companies are trying to configure digital work functions without a physical work place.

3.      Shift in the overall culture

In the modern times, COVID-19 has been the biggest event which has caused ripples across the whole world. As the people have been subject to social isolation, there is an increased amount of mental health challenges. Companies need to be more empathetic, understanding and supportive for their employees’ needs and grievances. Many companies underwent cultural changes where various initiatives aimed at offering support to employees and their families.

Covid-positive employees were given paid leaves, and some agencies even offered advance salaries. Digital marketing agencies saw an increase in their workload, and started organizing vaccination campaigns for their employees and their families. This strategy instilled a feeling of security and care in employees who felt that their employer stands right behind them in this hour of need.  Due to the changed attitude and culture, employees feel more confident, and have a boosted emotional well-being. has their backs while making them come back to work stronger & more confident. Such changes in the agency work culture have boosted the emotional wellbeing.

Businesses, too, must adjust their business strategies and instead of focusing on being more visible on only social media, they must utilize the power of digital world to devise strategies for running a high-performance business to have an increased ROI.

4.      Persistent Impacts

As per WHO, COVID-19 impacts are not going to go away any time soon. Most agencies believe that Covid-19’s impacts will remain here from six to 12 months, therefore the work dynamics have to be changed.

As the use of technology has played a significant role in these times, it has been observed that technology saw a growth of 16% with noticeable reliance in commerce sector and health sector. Some sectors were affected negatively. Among these education sector, legal services, and manufacturing were among those which were affected drastically.

5.      Offering flexibility to clients

The changed work dynamics call for the digital marketing agencies to have more adaptability and flexibility in client relationships. As an offshoot of this strategy, the contract terms are being simplified and around 28% companies in the USA have actually reduced fees. Since the businesses have hit a low due to decreased sales, around 31% of digital marketing agencies have offered cost-effective and affordable marketing plans.

More than 75% of digital marketing agencies have indicated that they are more inclined to outsourcing because it helps increased profit margins which are reflected in higher client retention. Due to outsourcing, agencies have experienced a reduce workload owing to the operations intervals and easy re-engagement. Moreover, outsourced teams can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of agencies.

6.      Lessons for the future

In the light of pandemic which practically put the whole world in lock down, and made all operations to halt; it is important to realize that this is a new normal, and the sooner peace is made with this, the better it would be. This is the time to adapt, not to wait. It is critically important to expand the skills set, and have more services on plate to offer to clients so that their engagement and loyalty is earned. Outsourcing is a viable and practical option for running a successful business because it offers more flexibility and risk-management abilities.

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