Today multiple multimedia formats are used widely. Each of the file formats has its own domain of using web video streaming, video editing, video home system, and so on. Some of them are also designed for customized and personal multimedia devices. Some devices and platforms support only specific file formats. This is where the concept of video file converter plays a big role. Video file converter software tools can easily convert one format to another based on the needs and requirements of the devices and platforms.

What is a Video Converter?

A video converter is a computer program created to convert audio or video from one file format to another. The procedure includes encoding and decoding from one file format to another format. Additionally, it can also sometimes alter the container format without the need to convert the audio or video format. You must know that the procedure of encoding and decoding results in quality loss. Hence, it is necessary to pick the right video converter software.

Improved Handling of the Conversion Procedure

Video file converter tools help you to convert a quality video from one file format into another quickly, without degrading the video quality. You must understand that there is a plethora of supported video file formats and multimedia devices. With a help of a good video converter tool, you can effortlessly save video files from a disc on your personal computer, smartphone, smart TV, and any multimedia device. With the help of encoding technology, you can save videos on your device with reduced file size, without downgrading the video quality.

Professional Video Editor

One of the highlighting features of video file converter tools is that they can also act as professional video editors. You can carry out multiple functions.

·        Edit any part of the video you want or need

·        Add up or eliminate different fragmented elements like advertisements or titles.

·        Seamless saving of audio tracks (in MP3 format) from the video

Hence, a lot of users sometimes interchangeably use video converters with video editors.

How to Convert Video Files Using Converter?

Open Specific Video Converter

You have to open the specific video converter tool on your device. To open the software, you have to install, download, and then run the software following the setup procedure.

Adding Video Files to Timeline

In this step, you simply need to drag and drop the video file from the converter software library or your device browser on the timeline. This is also the stage when you can make changes, crop, or resize video clips, or trim videos.

Converting Video Files

When you are satisfied with the video on your timeline, you need to prepare for the next step. The video file converter software features a share tab that is used to export video files. It is in this stage, that you can pick the type of files that you want to export your video files.

Exporting Videos

This is the final stage where you need to click on the start button to initiate the export. This offers your video clips in the specific file format of your choice and requirement. This is the easiest and fastest process to export video files and convert them from one format to the other.


Picking the right video file converter software is a vital step. Apart from a seamless conversion of video files from one format to desired file format, you can also seek superior-quality video file converter software that renders editing options as well. Effective video file converter software enables you to achieve your objectives and convert different video files to the desired format.