All these years different types of fashions emerged and many were lost without making any mark. The most popular ones that still rule the fashion industry are gothic fashion, streetwear, bohemianism, vintage clothing, and many more like that. However, the newest and youngest contender in this race of fashion is airport fashion. You might be wondering how one of the boring and busiest places in the cities can actually get its own category of clothing in fashion! Well, it is high time you find out more about airport looks for women and get ready to stun all your co-passengers and your Instagram followers with a high-end celebrity airport looks for women that you can easily recreate. 

 If you are among the sceptics who are not sure whether the airport could be a place to flaunt your sense of fashion or the gorgeous pieces in your wardrobe, you must know that like every other bandwagon that is initiated by a celebrity, the concept of airport looks for women has also been popularised by some of the most renowned celebrities like Victoria Beckham who claimed that she loves to dominate the airport as her personal runway. Well, it doesn’t stop right there as our very own Indian celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Janhvi Kapoor have attracted the paparazzi multiple times while they were just wearing some relaxing outfits like track pants and sweat suits with very simple sneakers. 

So here goes a very informative guide to airport looks for women with tips and tricks that you can apply to create your own style statement on your way to catch the flight. 

Comfort is the key: One thing that is common in all the airport looks for women fashion statements made by celebrities is the comfort level they had in their outfit. It means that you don’t have to doll yourself up just because you expect some over-enthusiastic photographer to mistake you for a runaway model and snap your picture or just a little kid eager to take a selfie with you. You can dress yourself up in style while at the same time feeling comfortable, and most importantly you can feel like yourself!  

Wear layers: You might have wondered multiple times if only you could just bring out that itsy bitsy spaghetti top that you purchased long ago and wear it for the next flight to your vacation. But come to think of it, with the unpredictable temperature at the airport it won’t be a good idea at least for your image if you are all shivering and clattering your teeth with cold when you are expecting to be the head-turner of the day! That is why it is better to opt for layers that you can adjust according to the temperature by mixing and matching pieces from your wardrobe. For instance, you could wear that spaghetti top, and pair it with a light and cute sweater. That way, you would have all the warmth you need in the chilling temperature at the airport and you can flaunt that top of yours as well. 

Choosing the right shoes and accessories: Just because you are wearing a casual outfit to the airport doesn’t mean that you cannot pair it up with any cute accessory. You can always wear a funky eye-catching necklace, to match your oversized jacket, sweatpants, and sneakers. You are perhaps going to miss those killer hills of yours when you pack your bags, but always remember to wear comfortable shoes at the airport as they help you to move around, especially with the endless list of security checks and long hours of waiting if the flight is late. 

Always choose the right bag: Although you have a section of your walk-in closet dedicated solely to designer bags and you don’t leave any chance to bring them out to match your outfit you have to choose your bag according to the outfit you are wearing to the airport. Always remember that bags and shoes speak volumes about your personality. You could either be wearing a classic formal shirt and trousers, a sundress, or just the basic casuals, the bag needs to be stylish all the time. That is because, if you are flaunting muted colours for your outfit, the bag should be an eye-catcher. 

So, the list of tips and tricks ends here but your creativity can take over from here. Spend quality time researching about the recent fashion statements made by your favourite celebrities and you will have developed your own understanding of this school of fashion to the extent of creating your own signature airport looks for women. So, with some dedication towards perfecting your fashion statement before you hit the airport next time, brace yourself up by practising, learning, and unlearning. That is all you need to rock your airport looks for women!