Our modern life consists mostly of spontaneous decisions. An average person’s life has become so raveled with random tasks that it has become very hard to keep everything well organized. More importantly, there’s barely any time for constructive hobbies or even some well-deserved ‘Me Time’.

Since in the modern world there’s an app for every problem, you can easily manage and schedule your day at the tip of your finger using the apps we’re about to mention below. Of course, for a seamless experience, you would need some assistance from a reliable internet connection such as Mediacom internet. After all, we all deserve an organized life and an internet connection that doesn’t betray us. Don’t we?

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Apps to Organize Yourself


Lists are the most basic way of managing and completing tasks. We tend to make lists for just about anything, shopping, to-do lists, project milestones, etc. So, why not do it with Wunderlist? Wunderlist takes managing lists to another level. With the help of tools such as reminders, alerts, appointments, deadlines, and timeline management, Wunderlist ensures that when you check off an item on your list, it is done for sure.


Our brain is the most powerful organ in our body, but our daily routine batters it the most. Everyone wishes that their brain could operate at a higher capacity to incorporate better task management in the daily routine. What if you could have an extension of your brain in your phone? Evernote claims to do just that. It keeps your notes, tasks, ideas, and even images organized and enables you to share all these things with your family, colleagues, and friends. It’s literally like letting others get a glimpse into your thoughts.

Cozi Family Organizer

Everyone knows that a mother knows best. However, sometimes even mothers need a helping hand in organizing work around the house. This is where Cozi comes in. The 3-time award-winning app is the ideal companion for managing daily family-oriented tasks. The app can display schedules, shopping lists, and individual to-do lists. Also, it’s a fun tool for the whole family to communicate and coordinate to get work done around the house.


Another one for the entire family, especially the kids. This app is the gold standard in managing children’s chores. The app claims “Your kids will beg to do their chores”, and if that doesn’t confirm its effectiveness then what does? The app manages chores for children aged 4 to 12 by monitoring their progress and devoting rewards for each chore they complete. These rewards can be anything from candy to extra video game time. It’s like a fun, colorful, and interactive project tracking board where kids can log in and report their progress for the chores they’ve completed.


You know you live in the future when an app tells you what you should wear for the day. With Closet+ it is impossible to have a bad wardrobe day or those awkward moments of accidentally repeating outfits too often.

This revolutionary app keeps a track of the clothes that you own and decides what you should be wearing for each day keeping in mind your preference, repetition, and trends. It can help you keep a track of what you wore when and how you can better manage your wardrobe to look fresh each time.


We all envy that boss in the office who has a secretary to do everything for them. Managing and even replying to emails, scheduling appointments, forwarding calls, and ordering lunch. As much as we all deserve a piece of that pie. But sadly, we can’t afford to have a personal assistant to do all that for us. 24me is the next best thing. It does almost all of the above and even links your social media to your schedules. The app can even send gifts and set up events without you having to deal with an actual secretary.


Remembering every password for every activity can be so tedious. All of us have wasted a tremendous amount of time trying to remember a password, only to reset it and then forgetting it all over again when trying to log in next time. If you want to have something more than what your default password management has to offer, try LastPass. This app secures all your sensitive information and passwords in one place which is protected by a master password. It also helps in changing passwords regularly to keep better security. Moreover, it enables sharing of information with close friends and family in case of emergencies.

Wrapping All Up

We are living in a world where we devote a large amount of time to our phones and devices. If you find yourselves in a situation where your day-to-day tasks are becoming untraceable, then worry not! These aforementioned apps are the solution to your problem.