Protein supplements are a popular option for people who want to improve their dietary protein intake and when they have particular goals like gaining muscle and strength. Protein supplements are most often taken as powders and shakes, but there’s another option—some people decide to take the best protein capsules and pills instead. 

Protein aids in the repair of tissue, making hormones and building of muscle, but pills are a bit different in their ingredients and how they work. 

The following are some things to know about protein pills and whether or not they’re healthy. 

What Are Protein Pills?

Protein pills or capsules are a convenient way to boost protein intake, and the most common ingredients in these supplements are collagen, whey, or bone broth. Amino acid tablets are another option. Some protein pills will have pea powder, soy protein, or casein, but this is less common. 

The benefits of these pills depend on the particular ingredients in them. 

Benefits of Protein Supplements

General benefits that come with using protein supplements include:

  • Protein makes up the enzymes that power our body’s chemical reactions.
  • Amino acids are building blocks that make protein, and then nine of these have to come from food or supplements. 
  • Protein can help improve energy levels, support the loss of bone mass, and help the immune system function properly. 

As mentioned above, protein pills have different ingredients from protein powders, so this determines more of their specific benefits. 

Collagen Protein Pills

Collagen protein pills are popular and are good for helping the health of the skin, nails, bones, and joints. Collagen can also support muscle and exercise recovery. Collagen has different types of amino acids, including glycine and proline. These amino acid peptides are one of the reasons collagen has health benefits. 

Collagen supplements may help reduce wrinkles and signs of aging and help hydrate and strengthen the skin. Collagen protein pills strengthen cartilage, which protects the joints, and your bones primarily comprise collagen. As you age, bone mass declines, as do collagen levels, putting you at greater risk of osteoporosis. A collagen or protein supplement can help reverse or prevent this. 

Bone Broth Protein Pills

Bone broth protein pills are made from liquid with brewed bones and animal connective tissues. Bone broth has collagen, protein, minerals, and other key nutrients. 

The tissues and bones of animals contain collagen, which provides you with food-based amino acids if you use these supplements. 

Bone marrow in bone broth has fatty acids, iron, vitamins like A and K, magnesium, and selenium. 

Bone-broth protein supplements have many of the same benefits as collagen-based supplements. For example, bone broth can reduce inflammation, help strengthen the joints and reduce pain. 

Benefits of Protein Pills vs. Other Supplements

For someone who wants to gain bulk and muscle mass, taking protein pills may not provide enough of the macronutrient. A person who’s doing resistance training and wants to make gains typically needs more protein than what pills will have. 

However, protein pills can help others if muscle-building isn’t their goal. They can help improve the health and appearance of your nails, skin, and hair. Protein pills can increase energy levels, which can be important in ensuring you’re getting adequate nutrition. 

Protein pills are more convenient than powders and shakes, so you can travel with them and are less likely to experience digestive issues than powders. 

Plus, shakes and powders can have too many calories if your goal is weight loss or maintenance, while pills don’t. 

Summing Up—Are Protein Pills Healthy?

Overall, protein pills and capsules can be healthy and can have benefits. You should consider whether you need a protein supplement since most people get enough from their diet unless they have additional needs. 

Protein capsules are a safe supplement, but you should speak to your health care provider before taking anything new. 

If you want to strengthen your skin, bones, joints, and muscles, protein capsules may help you meet your goals conveniently.