Artists of the contemporary world like Diana Roy included many mediums in her retrospective art for sale. Art has always evolved throughout history. The ancient Romans and Egyptians had their way of expressing art through different mediums. But, understanding how to use the right medium in art is crucial for every artist. 

What is a Medium in Art?

A straightforward definition for this is that various tools and techniques experimented by the artists throughout their art journey to create artworks are known as mediums. Archeologists discovered colored pigments in caves that led to the discovery of pigments. 

Technology has advanced throughout time. New tools are now used for painting and drawing. This art form is known as digital painting which is now recognized as a new medium. 

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The Different Mediums

Use of Tempera 

This medium has been employed for centuries in different artworks. It features quick-drying ingredients and ever-lasting pigments. Paintings that are known to employ this media date back to the 1st century AD. After this, the age of oil paints began in the 12th century. 

Oil Paints

After tempera, oil paints became the most sought-after medium in the 15th century. Oil paints take time to dry and are heavily pigmented materials. The oil used in the pigment is mainly linseed oil to bind all the ingredients together. 

Artists found more diversity with this medium. Layers of paint could be added with this media due to the slow drying process. 

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Employing Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints work like oil paints but have quicker drying properties. This gives less scope to the artists when painting. Acrylic paints can also be applied in layers and give a stunning matte finish. 


Watercolors give depth to painting with the huge array of colors they bring with them. Watercolors is a hard medium to work with. Once the paint meets the canvas, there is not much you can do to change the result. 

The Use of Charcoal

Charcoal is one of the oldest media to exist. It’s been around for centuries and many artists have utilized it for their benefit. 

However, in today’s era charcoal is an excellent medium to work with. It’s a medium that can be easily erased, therefore a great option for beginners. 

The medium finds it hard to stay put on the canvas. So to extend the life of your charcoal the artist needs to apply fixatives. 


Pastels are dry forms of oil paints. They use the same pigment which is bound together. Pastels have been popular since the start of the 18th century. Pastels are used in a variety of techniques. The coarseness of the pastel depends on what you want to make. 

For example, harder pastels are perfect for sketching and outlines, while softer pastels are good for blending. 


Chalk made its mark in the Renaissance period. It was made out of organic content such as ochre, limestone, and Blackstone. Each constituted a different color which was used for many artworks in the early days. 

The new Ink and Pen

Cartographers and calligraphers have employed the use of the pen in their maps and calligraphy for centuries. Ink and pen is an easy-to-use medium that comes with much freedom. 

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Diana Roy Retrospective Art for Sale

Diana Roy’s retrospective art for sale includes many of her works throughout her journey. Her wide range of artworks inculcates the use of different mediums. These paintings are admired around the globe and can be viewed in her online gallery.