“Personal injury” is a broad term encompassing numerous types of injuries you can claim for. If you feel your injury isn’t bad enough to warrant opening a case against the person liable for it, then you should seek counsel from the best personal injury attorney Cheyenne, WY has to offer. You might just be entitled to a settlement. Below, you’ll find a list of injury types along with different case types that can make your personal injury claim more complicated.

Ask a Personal Injury Attorney in Cheyenne, WY: 8 Examples of Personal Injury

1. Head Injuries

Sometimes you’ll get a little bump on the head that somebody else is liable for. For example, you might trip in somebody’s garden due to a hole in their lawn that they should’ve filled in. You can’t make a claim if this simple bump doesn’t require medical treatment from a doctor or hospital. It doesn’t matter if another party was liable.

Head injuries that require medical treatment do warrant opening a case. Injuries can range from a cut that needs some stitches to a violent injury that causes brain damage. Both injuries, and everything in between, warrant making a personal injury claim.

2. Back Injuries

Back injuries can have devastating, lasting effects that hurt your health and income for the foreseeable future. Any type of back injury requiring medical treatment warrants opening a case against the party liable for it.

You don’t need to slip a disc or require hospitalization to be classed as having a back injury that warrants making a claim. Even something as simple as severe muscle strain that requires treatment is a personal injury you can win compensation for.

3. General Injuries

General injuries such as broken bones, sprains, strains, and large lacerations require medical treatment. So, if you obtained these injuries on somebody else’s property or at their place of business, then you can make a claim.

Contact one of the top personal injury lawyers Cheyenne, WY has got to offer so you can determine if somebody else truly was liable for your head, back, or general injury. Sometimes you may be liable for your own injury even if the injury occurred on someone else’s property, so seeking legal advice is vital.

4. Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are their own subcategory of personal injury. You can experience many kinds of injury in the workplace, and the cause could be something as simple as tripping over loose wiring your boss has never bothered to secure. People who’ve experienced workplace injuries typically work with attorneys who most frequently deal specifically with workplace injury cases.

5. Vacation Injuries

If you get injured on vacation, then you’re not automatically entitled to compensation. You may be entitled to compensation if you were injured under one of the following circumstances:

  • A tour guide didn’t warn you about an unsafe area on the tour
  • There was an unsafe area in your hotel
  • A tourist attraction such as a cave or old building didn’t take safety measures to keep people from getting injured
  • A business establishment you visited had wet floors but no wet floor signs

Getting injured in another country, or even another state, can make your case much more complicated. Finding a highly skilled attorney back home is a must.

6. Road Injuries

Car accidents and other forms of road injuries are all too common. These cases often get complicated as there may be more than one driver involved, and it can be hard to prove who’s liable for the accident. An attorney with lots of experience working on road injury cases will be invaluable here.

7. Medical Injuries

You may become ill or injured due to medical negligence and other forms of medical malpractice. Consulting an attorney experienced in medical malpractice cases is the best thing to do if you think you may have a case. There are many types of medical malpractice cases, and they’re often some of the most complex legal cases that fall under the personal injury umbrella.

Some common types of medical malpractice and medical negligence are:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Late diagnosis
  • Surgical errors
  • Incorrect treatment
  • General medical neglect in an understaffed hospital or another care facility

8. Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents commonly occur in the workplace or in retail environments. One common type of slip and fall injury is somebody slipping on a wet floor and injuring themselves because there was no wet floor sign left out. Using CCTV footage to your advantage is often helpful in these cases, and they’re usually not too complicated if there were witnesses to the event.

There are plenty of circumstances under which you can get injured, and some of them will make your case a little more complicated than average. The type of injury you obtain (head, back, or general) can also influence your case. For example, head injuries and back injuries, in particular, can leave you with lasting damage. Finding the right personal injury attorney to work on your case will ensure you walk away with a fair settlement.