DomainRacer is one of the most popular Learning Management Systems in the world. It is a free open-source system. That’s why most of the students use DomainRacer tutor lms for creating their e-learning sites. Significant thing about a low-cost friendly eLearning platform for the best open-source LMS is its capacity to give an easy to use insight.

In this post, you will learn how to use DomainRacer LMS. To develop an asynchronous online teaching platform.

To add the content, you are required to the teacher authority to a course page.  The following table shows some e-material types and relevant DomainRacer LMS activities.

Information Display MaterialsText, Graphics, Videos, AudiosLabel, Page
Learning MaterialsText, Notes, Presentations, Videos, PicturesFile, Page, Book
Knowledge AssessmentQuizzes, AssignmentQuiz, Assignment
Discussion PortalQuestions, Files, VideosForum
User preference collectionFeedback, evaluations, preferencesFeedback, Choice

When we are developing an online course, it is needed to add recorded lectures and presentation. The cheapest platform of the best WordPress LMS plugin gives easy-to-use interface for users to create top online video courses for learners. We can use a screen recording software to record our lecture and presentation then save it as a video file. DomainRacer LMS can play the video files within the course or let the students download the video files.

Recording your Presentation

You can record your videos with the DomainRacer LMS hosting service.

Maintain Student Collaboration

Student collaboration and interactivity is an important factor in a teacher-led online learning environment. You have to provide options for the students to ask their questions and display those questions to fellow students. Therefore, you have to set up discussion portals.

Assess the Students Progress

As a teacher, it is your responsibility to assess the students’ knowledge and confirm their participation and access to the added content in the courses. You can use Quiz activity and Assignment activity in DomainRacer LMS to add quizzes and collect assignments from the students. The “Reporting” feature under the DomainRacer LMS course is very useful to view the students’ participation over a selected course activity.

There are many other tools available in DomainRacer LMS for developing advanced activities in a DomainRacer course. I hope to discuss them in my later posts. Start from scratch with confidence.