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Nowadays, airplanes are one of the most widely used modes of transportation when traveling long distances. Besides that, airline ticket prices are now more competitive and there are also lots of free seat promos, so flying on a plane isn’t something “fancy” or “weird anymore”.

For those of you who often rely on cheap airplane tickets, you must have understood very well that using low-cost airlines usually won’t give you a choice real money casino games online of seats except for online check-in usually you will be charged an additional fee to be able to sit where you want.

Before I get ridiculed by netizens, it is necessary to underline what I discussed about avoiding seats on low-cost aircraft, which on average use Airbus-type aircraft (Airbus A320-200) which have the characteristics of having a narrow fuselage and having a capacity of only 150-180 seats.

Avoid choosing this seat, when boarding a plane:

1. Emergency exit row seats

Usually, the seats in the row of emergency exits / the row in front of the emergency exit cannot be adjusted with the back of the chair, so the backrest is too upright and tends to bend down as soon as you get off the plane, which can cause neck pain. But sitting in a row of emergency exits, you can get a “pretty” spacious leg room.

2. Seats near the propellers/wings of the aircraft

Because this is a low-cost aircraft, sometimes the sound from the propellers can still be heard and can make your ears hurt. But remember, the materials for low-cost airplanes and LCGC (low-cost green car) cars are not the same, which are clearly different. But sitting in this row, you can get the most hipster photos, namely airplane wings, so you can upload them on social media or Instagram stories.

3. A chair with no window

Don’t think that all seats on the plane have windows. So, there are several chairs that are positioned right in the middle of the 2 windows. It felt awkward because I couldn’t see the scenery outside the window. But for those of you who are the bullet type, there’s no difference if you sit near the window or not.

4. Flight attendant/pilot seat

For the latter, it wins greatly casinojoka casino and should be avoided sitting in the flight attendant/pilot seat because it will definitely not be allowed by them. Moreover, to ask to sit on the lap of the flight attendant/pilot.