Beauty Basics

Have you ever experienced the scent of a fragrance lingering with you that you smelled on someone else a couple of hours ago. The longer the smell stays with you the more you think about that it and are propelled to buy the same scent. Buy have you ever wondered that there might be some right notes that these people must have followed to  make the fragrance stay on them longer than usual. When it comes to a perfume or a mist the narrative solely depends on how you store and wear it. So, the real question is how you store it to keep it fresh. Wearing your favorite fragrance makes you feel con confident thorough out the day. Choosing what sort of perfume you want for yourself can be a little overwhelming and intimidating with so many perfume on the market but the key to cracking this query is keep testing and experimenting with the perfumes. What sort of perfume goes with your skin and how you wear it depends entirely on you. But the little beauty basics that you take in this regard can go a long way and make you scent last longer but first comes how you take care of your perfume or body mist.

So here is your guide on the basic the basics of how to store and wer your favorite perfume and mist.

  • Store them in a box:

Right when you open the box of perfume the degradation of your perfumes starts though primarily it seems that the main purpose of the box is decoration. However box doesn’t only save as a decorative but also prevents the light and oxygen from entering into the perfume and not only perfume but beard mist, Hair mist or any other deodorants lose span of their life when light and oxygen enter in them. While as they are in the box the span of their life generally increases.

  • Never leave the cap undone:

After you have taken the perfume out and disposed the box. Take care of one thing vigilantly that is never to left the cap undone from the perfume. Once you forget to put the cap back on all the light and oxygen has hundred times more chance of entering the bottle prior to when it was merely just without a box. This rule is equally applicable even to the best perfumes in Pakistan. The life extent of perfumes untimely diminishes when we leave the cap off it often.

  • Dry Skin:

One pro tip on how to make the fragrance stay longer on you is never to apply it on dry skin. Remember; always moisturize your skin before applying a perfume. Use a lotion and it you don’t want your perfume’s fragrance to be dispensed use lotion which is non-scented. The perks of using a lotion or moisturizer with scent are that you tend to develop a new fragrance. With a little bit of experimentation now you have this new scent on your hands.

  • Apply after taking  a bath:

When you bath or take a shower the pores of your skin open up. Hence it is recommended to apply the perfume right out of the shower that way your pores tend to absorb more droplets of perfume before the pores close the scent being trapped on your body goes way longer than usual and you don’t have to worry about keep applying the perfume throughout the day.

  • Apply on the pulse points

As you apply perfume or a body mist a universally acknowledged fact is that you should apply it on the pulse points as these areas are always exposed to the air the circulation of blood and the heat from the body makes it possible for the fragrance to stay longer as these areas are usually warm and moist.

  • Never rub the perfume

When people apply perfume what they tend to do is that they rub the perfume the perfume into their skin although for the time it feels as if the skin has absorbed it and it will stay a lot longer. But what this step does is that it changes the composition of the perfume and not only this instead of staying on your body your hand wipes the droplet of perfume away so to be precise nothing stays on your skin to make you smell good.

  • Spray the perfume with a little distance:

Now we all know that it’s your favorite perfume and you probably want everyone to smell it on you so you go over the board spraying it way too much and may be way too closer than required. The original way to spray perfume is keeping a distance of at least 2.2-4.5 mm away from your body and then spraying it. If perfume is not your style, buy deo sprays in KSA with the best notes.

  • Packaging:

When you find your kind of scent the one that compliments your personality you try to get your hands on the bigger bottles but the best way to save your favorite scent is to buy the ones with small packaging. This way the molecules of oxygen don’t disintegrate and intervene with the chemical composition of the perfume.