Google Reviews

Google Reviews are great for building the reputation of a brand. Think about it. Every time a person is confused about what to purchase or the service to take up – be it while choosing a spa, or while looking for a hotel within budget, the first thing they do is Google it!

And Google what? The experiences of other customers and the services they took up. This happens for the sole reason that customers put their faith and relate better with the content created by other users more than the promotional content published by the brand itself.

The number of stars given to your brand by your customers can be a making or breaking point for your brand. If you are a brand that is garnering enough attention from its users and being appreciated by them on Google through Google reviews, then this post is for you.

Displaying or embedding Google reviews on your website can be a great way to take your brand to the next level.

If you are not yet convinced, then we highly recommend you to make your end to the end of this blog post and you will surely be motivated enough to embed Google reviews on website.

Let’s get started!

Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews On Website

●    Build Brand Trust

It can be quite challenging for a brand to make their potential customers be able to trust them enough. New customers are often apprehensive to purchase products from a new brand. When you embed Google reviews on your website, you pave the way for your potential customers to be able to trust your brand.

Researchers suggest that more than 90% of customers go through Google reviews before finalizing a purchase.

Displaying Google reviews on your website is an amazing strategy to instill faith and confidence in your potential customers and to convert them into your existing customers.

●    Boost SEO Efforts

Brands are constantly looking for means to increase their SEO efforts. Since Google users highly use the search engine for researching almost everything, you get a fair chance to rank your website higher on the Search Engine Ranking Page.

Moreover, the higher your business’s rating, the higher your will rank leading to better results for your SEO efforts.

●    Better Customer Brand Relationship

It is extremely mandatory for brands to build a better relationship with their customers since that would create a sense of brand loyalty and advocacy for your brand amongst your customers.

Once you embed Google reviews on your website, you leave a positive impression on your customers.

They see your brand in a different light and feel the need to interact with your brand on a personal level. Moreover, your existing customers would be elated with their content being published on your website that would lead to a better brand-customer relationship.

●    More Visitor Engagement

The engagement level of your website visitors is a crucial factor in determining the traffic you are likely to witness. When you embed Google Reviews on your website, you motivate your visitors to explore your website more. Moreover, Google reviews are quite an engaging form of content.

This leads to an increase in the dwell time of your customers and reduces the bounce rate of your website. This further increases the engagement level of your visitors to your website.

●    Better Conversions & Sales

While we do agree that having a website with a user-friendly interface and a good design is important to leave a positive impression on your website visitors, but, that is not enough to convert them to purchase your products.

However, when you display your customer’s positive reviews on your website. you open doors for pushing them enough to purchase and take your products into consideration, which ultimately would lead to an increase in the conversions and sales of your products.

●    More Brand Exposure

You shall be able to build a better exposure for your brand and its products when you give a reason strong enough for your customers to visit your website.

Due to the engaging nature of Google reviews, you shall easily be able to generate more traffic on your website that would lead to more brand exposure.

Key Takeaways

As promised at the beginning of the post, we are sure that you must be tempted and motivated to try out this brilliant strategy in your marketing efforts.

We have reached the end of the blog and are quite hopeful that you will utilize this strategy right away. All you require to do is find an appropriate Google review aggregator tool and connect it with your Google my business account to collect the content.

A responsive aggregator would provide you with additional features to make the Google review widget more impactful and effective. Now that you are well familiar with the incredible benefits of embedding Google reviews on your website, get going right now and start embedding the valuable content of your customers!

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