Today, if you want to be transferred to the world of slot machines and gambling, if you want to feel like a visitor to the best casinos in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, there is no need to go somewhere. What’s more, you don’t even need a computer for this purpose. Today, online gambling and earning through it can be performed via a smartphone, a loyal companion of any contemporary person. Indeed, people can hardly imagine their life today without mobile devices. It is possible to play both on the mobile version of the website and by installing the app with Bluechip casino APK on your smartphone, so your favorite slots are always at your fingertips. 

Advantages of Mobile Gambling

According to statistics, more than half of today’s traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that cell phones are the most popular platform. What do people vote for? What are the advantages of mobile platforms and mobile gambling in particular? Here are some of them:

  • affordability;
  • constant access to slot machines;
  • convenience;
  • high speed.

Now let’s take a closer look at the above aspects.


Modern online casinos work on any mobile platform, if not natively then at least in the browser. Therefore, to start playing and earning, a user just needs to have his or her phone at hand and follow the link. That’s all, you will not need anything else, except the desire, of course.

Constant Access to Slot Machines

The online casino is not closed for inventory or a technical break. And having your smartphone in your pocket, you can play your favorite slot machines just anywhere, for instance, at home, on the road, or on a visit if you’re tired of communication. 


Mobile gambling gives you a level of convenience you couldn’t even imagine before. Play anywhere, anytime, and do anything in between. 

Want to team up and discuss your winnings in a noisy group? Why not! Want to be alone and in private with Fortune? No one will stop you because you choose the time and place, no one else can do it for you. 

High Speed 

Slots software does not take much memory, which means that it is quick and easy to be launched even when the Internet is not the best. They are also well-adapted, which can be very important for those who prefer video broadcasts to play with other players. Broadcasting is seamless and the game runs smoothly. Nothing will distract you from wherever you are.

How to Play on a Mobile Phone Online

It is very easy to start playing gambling video slots on your cell phone. There are 2 common ways. 

The first way is to play directly in the browser window of your cell phone. This is the easiest and most accessible way even to an unsophisticated user. To play in the browser, it is enough to just follow a link and open the online casino, choose an interesting slot or other game, and that’s it. You do not even have to register to start playing because many online casinos allow you to try their slot machines for free. 

The main advantages of playing online casino games on your phone in the browser are as follows:

  • Simplicity – you do not need to install any additional software to play, just open the online casino website and you can start playing;
  • Versatility – you can play on any phone or tablet if it has a browser that supports HTML5, which means absolutely any modern smartphone, whether the iPhone or smartphone powered by the Android operating system.

Despite the accessibility and simplicity, the option that involves playing on the phone via the website has some disadvantages as well. Due to the peculiarities of the technical part of the implementation, the websites cannot work as smoothly and quickly as applications developed with a specific purpose. Again, because of the technical features, because the code of the slot is executed by the phone through the browser, websites cannot implement many of the usual functions, such as multitouch or swipes. Therefore, when playing through the browser directly on the website using a cell phone, you should always understand that games work slower, and the game interface is not as smooth and responsive as it would be if you were playing in the application. 

The second way to play slot machines online using a smartphone is to play in an application specially developed for online casinos. Apps are completely devoid of the disadvantages associated with playing on a website in a browser, and are the most convenient and beautiful way for the player to interact with the online casino. The mobile app offers a different experience compared to playing online from a browser.  

The main advantages of mobile applications for online gambling are as follows:

  • High performance – due to the fact that the game code is executed directly in the operating system environment without the intermediary browser, mobile applications always run faster and smoother than the mobile version of the website in the browser;
  • Touch-based interface – mobile applications not only look prettier and operate faster, but they are also specially designed for fingertip control. Sometimes, web pages cannot be properly adapted for touch screens. Mobile applications are created just for this purpose.

Also, mobile apps have much better features for the small scale of mobile gadget screens. Therefore, the best way to play at online casinos on a cell phone is a mobile app. The mobile app is better adapted, better looking, and operates much faster. It is the mobile app that will give you the best online casino gambling experience. 

If you want to install a mobile app for the Android operating system, you need to:

  • Download the installation file from the official website. 
  • Open it from the browser download menu or using a file manager. 
  • Give permission to install the file from unknown sources. 
  • Click “Install”.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.

After that, you can find a shortcut to the online casino in the list of applications, open the application, start playing and earn money from the slot machines.